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All you can eat Dim Sum and sushi.

Foods from Fusion House

2015 Jun 6
We usually go to Sushi Kan on Merivale for AYCE Japanese, but the last time we were there it just felt kind of grungy and run down. We went to Fusion House on a Tuesday at 5:00 for dinner with our 4 year old and 1 year old, and we were the only table there until just before we left. Service was good and we received everything we ordered (as it should be when you are the only people in the restaurant). The dining room is quite nice and modern, but it does have that same moth ball smell that Sushi Kan has. The bathrooms were also a bit odd, but they were clean enough.

As for the food, we were pleased. We ordered a variety of dim sum, appetizers, cooked dishes, sushi rolls and desserts and we were happy with everything. Highlights were the asparagus tempura maki rolls, crispy wontons, spicy scallop rolls, and mushroom tempura. Looking forward to going back to try more items, as the menu is huge and we were full long before we tried everything we wanted to. Price was comparable to Sushi Kan, kids between 3 and 12 are charged $1 per year of age. Great place to bring the kids!