Foods from Real Sports Bar and Grill


2013 Mar 14
Possibly the worst beer list I've ever seen. Tons of taps and they're all macro crap or lagers. Not one IPA available.

It's one thing to a limited selection of macro beers but quite another to pick every bland beer you can find. And then they overcharge for those crappy or bland beers.

Typical that it would be owned by the Toronto Maple Leafs - overhype and overcharge for a crappy product.

2013 Mar 7
Finally had a chance to visit this week and enjoy a game.

I believe their specialties are burgers and wings. Our table ordered the Forestiere, Real Sports and Canadian Burgers and everyone was very pleased with the taste and quality. Mine was very fresh tasting and juicy. The only minor miss was the "garlic" fries as it lacked any wow factor, though the fries itself were adequate.

Usually an ale fan but quite enjoyed the Stiegl lager along w/ a couple of Keith's.

Staff were all very friendly and the best way to describe the ambience is to just imagine if Moxies were to turn itself into a sports bar...with a more acceptable hiring practice. Competence is actually a positive trait here.

There were many HDTV's and one HUGE screen in the middle. Even every toilet stall had a screen. A lot of thought went into the design of this place as I do not believe anyone would have a bad viewing angle of the game(s) no matter where you're sitting. This is actually quite an underrated element as one of the recent so-called sports bars to open, The Big Rig, has many hanging lights that obstruct the view of many seated patrons on the bar side. Big oversight in my opinion.

Witnessed many dishes passing by and the wings looked absolutely amazing, they were big and they weren't skimping on the sauce. Really wanted to share and order some of these heavenly creatures but everyone was too full of food and beer. Next time!