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2013 Jun 25
Tried Vetta for the first time Frinite, 9pm ish, mid-June 2013. We were wandering Bank st post show and trying to decide on somewhere to eat. Liked the look, the manager's comment that they emphasized fresh food and the pasta was made by someone's grandmother landed us.

Started with a melted buffala with warmed cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and crostini. Also had some shards of parm. All very tasty. A good starter for 2 people to share.

Next was the arugula salad. Came with some goat cheese, some slived veg thrown in and a very simple but tasty dressing (olive oil/dijon i think, could be wrong...). Everything was fresh, nothing wilted or mushy. Very happy with the salad.

Ended with the gnocchi in pomodoro sauce. it really did taste like it was made in someoneone's grandmother's kitchen. The gnocchi were hand made, the sauce tasted like it was entirely fresh ingredients.

Total cost w two drinks, tax and tip was $68ish. Service was solid and prompt. No complaints.

Would go back, would send others. Waiter mentioned they make the pizza dough in house, would try it on the strength of this meal.

2013 May 25
Stopped by Vetta Osteria for a Friday dinner. It was maybe 1/3 full at 1930 h, not an auspicious sign. Pleasant setting--though it has something of an amateur feel to the decor. Service was competent and pleasant. Wine list was short but thoughtfully put together and well-priced--was very pleased to see a 2006 Barolo for $52! Menu was fairly diverse--typical Italian fare. We both had a salad and a pasta (mine was one of the daily specials)--well thought-out and very well-executed.

Impression was very favourable all in all--we will be back.

2013 Mar 16
Here is a picture of the calamari and smelts. A big portion for $8!

2013 Mar 16
First visit since it opened as Vetta. impressed by the décor. not dramatically different from before but updated and a little more modern, service was very attentive too.

I went for two appetizers instead of a main since they sounded so good. The beet salad came with shredded mangoes and apple. Not mango season so the mango was a bit crispy, not my favourite, overall fresh and well put together.

The second appie I ordered was from the Happy Hour menu: a plate of deep fried calamari and smelts with sides of tomato and tartar sauces. It was SO melt in your mouth good! Definitely, will order this again and again even if my friend pointed out that it is not smelt season!

Overall, happy with the new menu, ambience, food and service. Will return for sure!

2013 Mar 16
This was my friend's shrimp ravioli. I had a couple. Creamy tomato sauce with chunks of sundried tomatoes was very good.


2013 May 1
I had the grilled swordfish burger for lunch today. It came with the side of mixed greens salad with a light balsamic vinaigrette. The grilled fish was smudged with a light tartar sauce and a bed of roquette. Would recommend.

Service was a little erratic... I didn't mention this in the posts above because they had just opened so I figured it was growing pains but now, months in, i am starting to wonder. So, today, it took a few minutes before our waitress came to take drinks order, then, it took 15 min to look for a wine which turned out was sold out. Then, it took another 10 minutes for the second selection of wine bottle to arrive. After that, things rolled, food came and we got bills in a timely manner. It's just a little unpredictable for a table of downtown workers who have limited time for lunch. Anyways, hope it is just a glitch and that things will sort itself out as I really enjoy the fresh and well prepared food.