A family run Mexican restaurant. Serves Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, and other dishes. Uses fresh local ingredients, prepared with care, and cooked long and slow. On Bronson, just past the Queensway, where the Quiznos/Baskin Robbins used to be

Burrito Gringo
Burrito Gringo
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2016 Apr 29
I'm going to be fairly concise with my review: better bang for the buck than the MuchoBurrito competition when all you want is a big, sloppy burrito. You know you have those moments. Did you just eat a microwave burrito? Congratulations, you just played yourself. Spend a few bucks more and get one of these, there's another key to success. You smart - you worth it.

2015 Apr 13
I visited the new Burrito Gringo on Merivale across from Merivale Mall. It was amazing! This local chain makes everything from scratch and there is no freezer or microwave in the restaurant. You can tell that everything is fresh by the taste. However the Best part about this place is the portion size! I eat a lot, and I could Not finish my regular sized burrito! And it was a lot of meat, not just filler like rice and beans. My (young) kids shared a small quesadilla and half of it was left over. So for $30 I got 3 adult meals and 3-4 kids meals.

2015 Feb 21
Had lunch at the St. Laurent location today, and got the regular pork carnitas burrito with guacamole and a soft drink which came out to around $13.50. The meal was huge (I was stuffed) and delicious, with lots of fresh cilantro, cumin, lime, and chili flavours. Service was quick and courteous. Excellent fast food!

2014 Dec 15
I've been to the Bronson and the St.Laurent locations and always had a very good tasty food.
The servers take the time to show you and recommend each topping .
The Quesedilla is excellent and they take the time to grill it until its golden brown. I usually get chicken with corn salsa, diced jalepenos, medium green salsa etc.
The beef or pork Burrito was also very good with the grilled veggis and rice and beans. Don't forget to try the burrito sauce as it really adds to the taste.

This place also has self serve fountain drinks which is a bonus.
Highly recommended for fast Mexican food.

2014 Mar 24
I liked the tacos and burritos i had here on two different visits to the Bronson location. It's absolutely McTexMex, but not in a bad way.

I give a slight edge to Mucho Burrito - found everything just there a bit tastier.

That said, I wouldn't go out of my way if Gringo was closer and i had a craving.

New one opening at the strip mall at Bank and Hunt Club where Shawarma Palace and Harveys are.

2014 Mar 23
Went in for lunch today. Not such a full review, since we each just had a burrito. One vegetarian and one chicken. The chicken was the small size burrito $6.00. But big by my standards. Very filling.
My husband's veggie one was large size $8.00. Huge and filling.

Once you choose your size, then you choose your filling - LOTS of them. Pork and beef and chicken - 3 types of beans - 3 salsas, may peppers from mild to hot. cheese, red onion chopped fine, grilled onions and peppers. Can't remember them all.
Guacamole is house made and there is $1.00 up charge for it, but free with a vegetarian burrito.

Everything was fresh. They say everything is made in house and there is no microwave in the building. It is a local Ottawa biz.

They also have salads, tacos, burrito bowls etc. Home made (with real butter) cookies at the cash. So lots to try next time.

Its Tex Mex, its not exotic, but it was fresh,good and good value. We'll be back for sure.

2013 Dec 29
I had their steak burrito and chicken quesadillas at a party and was pleasantly surprised. The burrito was huge and very tasty. The meat was tender and the proportion of meat, rice and veggies was good. The chicken quesadilla was fresh and crispy on the side. I haven't had a good quesadilla in a while. The fresh chicken made the difference.

The sides/sauces were fresh and locally made. At this party, we had medium or hot salsa and a green salsa to choose from. The guacamole was good too. The chips were thin and crispy, El Paso style.

It's located on Bronson, just north of the canal.

2013 Sep 1
Shredded pork quesadilla. Great value. Pork is the way to go here. Tender juicy shredded pork with nice seasoning. This will be my next choice. At the cash there are crates of avocados waiting to be sacrificed into their quite tasty guacamole worth the extra charge, or better yet on the side for dipping or spreading.

2013 Sep 1
Stopped in to try this place out the other day. My first impression was a bit leery. The first thing I noticed was cleanliness of the restaurants eating area had not been attended to. Ordering and ingredients were similar to Mucho. My large shredded beef burrito was substantial. A very large helping of shredded beef made the shape of mine square instead of cylindrical. Beef was tasty and so were the ingredients. My only gripe would be they didn't drain the beef enough causing spillage of liquid and a good amount of that liquid to pool on my plate. My wife had the pork quesadilla and I have to say pork is the way to go at this place. The same issue of liquid was present with the quesadilla so things got a bit soggy near the end. Large portions for the price and friendly service. Will be back when in that neighbourhood.

2013 Jan 22
Went here for lunch today with my Dad. Having eaten at Mucho Burrito on Sunday, I knew that I'd be comparing it in my head, and it really held up well. I had pork Carnitas tacos, and my Dad had a chicken burrito.

First off, the pork was really really good. It is real, fresh, and made in house. The spice mixture was tasty, and not that spicy. One little detail is that it felt dry in my mouth, but with the toppings that really isn't that much of a problem.

Speaking of toppings, I'm very sure, if nothing else, the salsa was made in house fresh. I got mild because I am a spice wuss lately. There still was a bit of bite to it, but the tomatoes in it still had that slightly sweet acidity you get from fresh. It was really really good.

The sauteed veggies were great, but it's hard to mess that up.

Cheese was standard shredded stuff. Nothing special about it.

Overall, I definately would return if I was in that neck of the woods. Tasty, fresh, good stuff.