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Our Pitmaster has 35 years experience in the Hospitality Industry. He has traveled and worked through Canada and the U.S.A. His passion of smoking foods has been around for 12 years, and he welcomes you to enjoy his Pitmaster Culinary Expertise. So come in and enjoy his passion delivered through his foods.

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432 1/2 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario (beside Pub Italia)

Foods from The Zydeco Smokehouse


2014 Jul 17
Tried their brisket (no bun) and it was amazing. The quantity was absolutely huge, definitely enough to share or use for two meals. Definitely going back and looking forward to trying more of their items. I also must add that I had excellent service!

2013 Jun 6
I've been here a couple of times and have been impressed each time. They dropped the smoked Andouille sausage from the menu (it was incredible and here is my vote to bring it back) but everything else on the menu is great too.

I tried the pulled pork last time (no bun) and it was delicious and well paired with the generous amount of coleslaw that came with it. For sides I've tried the coleslaw and the potato salad and have enjoyed both so much that I'd consider taking some home in larger quantities. I'm not sure if that's possible but I'll ask the next time I'm there.

2013 May 13
Was there around 1pm, mid week, late April. Had a totally satisfying pulled pork sandwich w slaw and beans.

Pulled pork was tasty, very little fat, nice bits of bark. I might ask for extra sauce next time but that's a nitpick. Slaw was excellent topping to the sandwich and by itself. The beans tasted homemade, with chunks of pork in a nice sauce.

Bun was 'soft' as mentioned downthread but i thought it served as an excellent meat-to-face delivery system without challenging the flavor of the pork.

Will be back, will send others.

2013 May 11
The hours of The Zydeco Smokehouse as of May 13th will be as Follows, Monday to Friday 11:30am to 7pm.

The hours are always posted inside the front door on the chalkboard.

I apologize to all who have come to the door and we are closed, if I had to unlock the door for everyone who has come after hours I would never get home.

Being up at 4am every morning makes for a long day and I am only 1 man. Our Facebook page has all updates and hours of operation, as well as any current menu changes. We keep our food fresh and seasonal to ensure maximum quality.


2013 May 9
Hours above are incorrect. They maintain the hours on their webpages above. They close at 6pm.

I am going to edit the entry to take out the hours.

2013 May 8
Walked to the door around 6:30. Locked. The dude behind the counter texting couldn't be bothered to so much as look up, let alone come to the door to tell us the hours that are curiously absent from the door and window.

Will not be back.

2013 Mar 15
We stopped in here yesterday and picked up our dinner. We got the following: chicken breast, sausage, pulled pork, beans, macaroni and cheese and a couple of mini cornbreads. The chicken and sausage suffered a bit for having to be re-heated but the smoke on them was wonderful. Contrary to some smoked items I have had, this did not taste as thought I were eating an ash tray. The pulled pork was fabulous and the mac and cheese was very good. I really liked the beans but my husband was not as fond of them mainly because they are made with kidney beans rather than navy beans and with anything bigger than a navy bean, he dislikes the texture. As for the cornbread, I could have gobbled up a bunch of those. We did not get any buns so I can't comment on them. Overall, I was very happy with the place and will be back. Oh, there are a couple of menu changes coming up. The Monday special will change to smoked salmon and the Tuesday special will change to ribs. Also, the owner told me that he will be offering a cobb salad this summer and one of the items for that salad will be smoked salmon.

2013 Jan 15
I had a pulled pork sandwich from here.

Pork was juicy, sauce was good. No problems there.

2 big problems though - bun wasn't good. It was cakey and soft and absorbed way too much sauce in the time it took me to walk back to office. (No option to eat in the place, so small.) Other problem was lack of slaw on the sandwich. Needs crunch and some different taste to make it a worthy sandwich.

Price for just sandwich was $5.50. Much better than Morning Owl's $7 sandwiches pricewise, but I won't be ordering another pulled pork unless they address the bun and the slaw.

Would like to try some other menu items though. They have mac and cheese, poutine, some other good stuff. Would like to try that sausage too, co-worker had it and agreed with what Tree Pug said here.

2013 Jan 15
I stopped in this place as I was in the area and rushed for time. The food came quickly but I could see some delays if it was really busy. I ordered the smoked Andouille sausage on a bun with North Carolina cole slaw and a side of beans. The sausage was smoky, salty and delicious. Really good. The bun was soft but fell apart as I devoured it making me think it was a day old. Still good though. The slaw was really good with great crunch and a little bite. The baked beans are worth going back for on their own with a great sweet/smokey flavour and liberally laced with pork belly. They only do take out but I could see myself stopping by and picking up the larger sizes of their sides to keep in the fridge.