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2013 Oct 1
Tried the grill lamb burrito a few weeks ago. Was very pleased.

The portion was generous. It was filled with cooked onions and peppers, and plenty of grilled lamb. Just shy of $9 with tax.

During the lunch rush, it takes a bit of time for them to make each order. Worth the wait I think.

Will definitely return.

2013 Jan 27
Was curious so dropped by at lunch time recently and ordered the lamb satay burrito. I have to say it is a very unique menu for a restaurant named "New York Subway"! It was mostly beef, chicken, lamb or vegetarian burritos from what I recall.

It was yummy. The filling was lamb with some veggies in a bit of a thick sauce which reminded me of a stew consistency.

I agree it is a bit on the expensive side but I would have it once in a while because it is a unique "burrito" on Bank street.

2013 Jan 12
Gotta say, I was a happy camper when I read that there was a New York Subway out in Ottawa. Having spent 10 years in Toronto prior to moving out here, there are quite a few foodie haunts that I dearly miss, and this was one of them.

Finally got my chance to visit on Friday. Grabbed a Lamb Satay, spicy, to go. There were about 5 other people sitting down in the shop when I ordered that seemed to be waiting for their meal as well, and I was told it would be about 10 minutes for them to make it.

Firstly, I have to say this is definitely *not* the burrito I remember enjoying from Toronto. I'd barely be able to finish one of those beasts (in addition to a 500ml chocolate milk); this I had easily finished and still wanted more. Very heavy on 'salad', and light on protein. The taste of the meat was quite good, and did remind me of what I'd had back home, however there was definitely too much of the greens.

Would I go back? Probably not. At just shy of $8 with taxes, I'll wait until my next chance to head back to Toronto to get my fill.

2012 Dec 16
New York Subway is a charming little wrap shop on bank street. They serve vegetarian wraps and non vegetarian wraps, mango yogurt smoothies and pop. The owners are friendly and warm. The burritos as they call them, are unlike any burrito I've had before. Some may say they aren't burritos at all ...but call them what you may, they are delicious.

There are three different categories of wrap: vegetarian, satay and grilled. There are several different vegetarian wraps including bean, potato, mixed vegetable and spinach. The satay wraps are served with a salad of cabbage & lettuce that provide a fresh crunch along with a light yellow curry-like mayo and your choice of chicken, shrimp, lamb or beef. The grilled wraps are made hot with onions, tomato & mushrooms, come with cheese and your choice of lamb, beef, shrimp or chicken. You can also have the wrap made spicy if you desire.

They are quite simple and delicious. I have been 9 times and have always left happy! Give a small family owned business a chance!

2012 Dec 12
They say "the best buritto in town" this is SO not true. Kind of wish someone would have warned me about their food. I also now wreak of deep fried smell... ugh, the worst!

2012 Nov 16
yeah it was pretty skimpy. i could have easily crushed 2 of them. they need to adjust the pricing or offer SM/L sizes accordingly. i heard the guy say they've only been open a few days, so hopefully they smarten up...

for comparison, here's a photo of a jumbo burrito from their TO location - photo credit to to the Yelp entry for NYS.

would be interested to hear others take, especially if you've eaten at the QW location (which is legendary).

2012 Nov 16
For $8 looks kind of skimpy. More meat ,sauce and veggies seem to be in order. Never seen a burrito that looks like that before???

2012 Nov 16
It's called 'New York Subway'.
The menu says 'burritos'.
The food has an Indian note.

I'm intrigued.

...tho' 'served with salad' just doesn't translate to 'we put salad inside the wrap' by any stretch of my brain.

2012 Nov 16
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2012 Nov 16
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