All You Can Eat Sushi at Hao Sushi
All You Can Eat Sushi at Hao Sushi
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2014 May 10
Horrible service. I have special food preferences (vegan) and when I asked what was in the well described "yummy dressing", I was told it is a "jar of sauce" and they would not elaborate further.

I didn't do the All You Can Eat because I didn't think I could get enough, it was only lunch time - and to my horror, when I went to reach for a piece of my friend's sushi (a cucumber roll) from his plate, the manager came over and demanded I put it down, because I did not pay the All You Can Eat and eating this roll would be stealing.

I then tried to give back my miso soup, because I told the waitress I couldn't eat anything with fish in it and she said the soup was fine, but then I was told it had fish sauce and cooking powder and my soup was refused. "WE CANNOT TAKE BACK WHAT WE HAVE GIVEN YOU."

Needless to say, I didn't tip anyone and I will never be back. You'd think, with such an abundance of sushi choices in the city, they would be more keen on keeping customers happy and coming back.

2013 Apr 30
i really like the use of the katsuobushi on some of the items, it really gives it a great visual effect!

my vegetarian SO though was not so pleased to see it on tofu tempura and bbq eggplant.


2013 Apr 23
Tried this place last Friday night. Overall, I really enjoyed it. The quality was higher than the other two near-by AYCE sushi places. It just seemed that the food was prepared with more care. Sashimi was definitely higher quality. The photo attached is the Samurai roll - made without seaweed. I thought it was very creative and looked pretty but I wouldn't order again just because the ratio of rice to toppings was way too high.

Tried a few of the item's that FF tried. I really enjoyed those vinegar shrimp, kind of addictive! But I thought the crystal shrimp were just boring and overcooked. It was nice to see taro tempura on the menu, but the tempura batter, like mentioned before, was a bit too thick and heavy.

The service was slow, which was surprising because the restaurant was only about 1/4 full. However, everything seemed to be prepared well so I didn't mind waiting. Very welcoming and pleasant waiting staff. Will go back there for my next AYCE sushi fix.

2013 Apr 16
Tried this new place on Saturday evening. Service was super friendly and pleasant. The food was a mixed bag.

* Salads (Green, Avocado, Seafood) all had the same sickly sweet mango dressing instead of the nice ginger dressing we've had elsewhere.
* Sushi and sashimi were tasty and well-formed. Definitely above average!
* Fried dishes (i.e. tempura) were greasier than other places, with a heavier breading.
* Stir-fry dishes (we had Fried Udon Seafood), had nice wok flavour and were very good!
* Teriyaki BBQ Salmon Neck was huge and very good, although sweeter than usual. Awesome if you love fatty, crispy, salmon like I do.
* Crystal Shrimp were really nice. Worth trying if you are a shrimperor!
* Vinegar Shrimp (sashimi) were interesting -- tiny vinegar-marinated shrimp, with a fun chewiness and mild flavour. (See bottom left of the pic.)

The "Premium Rolls" (e.g. Green Dragon) all come with a too-sweet sauce drizzled on them (see pic). For me, it spoils the sushi experience.

So skip the salads and premium sushi rolls if you don't like your food very sweet. Skip the fried stuff. Go for the regular sushi, the stir fries, and the little gems you won't find elsewhere. Including the Coconut Ice Cream, which had actual pieces of coconut in it!


2013 Apr 24
The white tuna tataki was recommended by our server and surprisingly delicious! A nice peppery crust around the sides and done perfectly to the partially cooked/partially raw melt-in-your-mouth state!