Opened in summer 2011, Poutine Parlour, located at 2095 St-Joseph Road in Orleans, offers a good selection of poutines with various toppings, as well as a range of burgers and hot dogs.

Poutine Parlour
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2012 Aug 30
I tried Poutine Parlour for the first time today.

PP offers a few handfuls of different poutines, burgers, hot dogs, sides, and a sandwich or two.

You're free to run away with your food or stay and eat seated at one of their five picnic tables with umbrellas.

I ordered a regular-size Philly Steak poutine.

The poutine was really good! Fries were perfect and crispy. The gravy was solid tasting. The cheese curds were plentiful. PP is very generous with their portions (you have the choice between regular and large) and the gravy and curds were abundant throughout the poutine.

As a matter of personal taste, I'm not a fan of white raw onions and preferred they be grilled so after removing the chopped onions on top of the poutine, I dug in.

The Philly steak was only present upon the first handful of bites. The meat was tasty though. The mushrooms were grilled and featured more prominently than the meat.

All in all, a great poutine although I may have well just ordered a regular poutine given that there weren't that many Philly Steak toppings. At $8.80 though, I think it was all very fair. I waddled away feeling very full and quite satisfied.