Authentic Nigerian food. Delicious BBQ & Suya.
Catering for all size occasions.
Every Friday there is an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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2012 Aug 8
I'm really surprised that there is not entry review for this little restaurant. i've been here 3 times and thoroughly enjoyed the food. i first had the suya it's a type of dish that is basically beef that's beef insanely overcooked, spiced a bit and chew and chew, and is flavorful.

2nd time i went i had the stewed beef, spicy spinach that is called efo, and something called fufu. the beef was very tender and slightly sweet with a hint of hot. i asked for the efo really really hot and at times was intense ahaha, but i got threw it.

3rd time i was there i ordered pepper soup, which is what it means. it has tripe, beef hearts and beef.
and curry, but she keep peddling me on to try stewed beef, with Mexican like rice and plantains but i wanted the curry i kept telling her repeatedly.
food was good this time, but i found the beef to be a little greasier this time.

also to note this place is very expensive. like she told my dad is was 15 bucks for the rice, and 12.00 bucks for the soup and 13 for the beef, so lunch ended up being 33 dollars, yea a bit expensive for what you get here, but it is made fresh.

only go on a special occasion.

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