Ice cream, sandwiches, soups, and other simple fare on the outskirts of Almonte.

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2012 Jul 26
This little spot is a skip past the Tim Horton's. Pass up the Tim's if you want a sandwich.

Sandwiches are: under $5, made on fresh bakery bread, assembled to your specs from a variety of fresh ingredients, made with quality cheese. This is quite a lot of sandwich-awesome for the price.

Sandwiches come with a pick with an olive, a gherkin, and a cube of very tasty local cheddar, which is a lovely little trademark to have.

This is a wee place with just a handful of tables and booths and some seating outside, and the menu isn't large -- there's usually a soup or two and chili, assorted baked goods, and an ice cream counter -- but it's a lovely little stop and great value for the money. There're usually a handful of better grocery items for sale; local eggs, very fresh cheese curds, etc.