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2012 Jul 17
@LadyI' - and kudos to you/yours for a) following up wth the restau (instead of simply pixelventing), and b) taking the time to update the post.

2012 Jul 10
I wanted to post an update, and let everyone know that Riverside Pizzeria is trying its best to make things right.

My husband called yesterday, and talked to the owner, Sandy. She offered us one order of equivalent value to Sunday's disaster, and the next one at 50% off. It would seem she had a family emergency on Sunday, and left the running of the restaurant to someone else, who didn't step up to the job.

So my husband ordered a different pizza, and another order of mozzarella sticks. SUCH a difference in the quality. He didn't take pictures, unfortunately, but we were more than pleased with the quality. The mozzarella sticks were also good, definitely acceptable for delivery. The delivery guy knew where we lived, and delivered our items in a hot bag, which had been missing on Sunday.

I have to commend Sandy for how she has handled this for us, and our neighbors. We'll be ordering again.

2012 Jul 8
EXTREMELY disappointed with our order and service from Riverside Pizzeria tonight. We ordered an XL pizza and a large order of mozzerella sticks, about 5-10 minutes after our neighbors ordered a pizza. We both waited over an hour for our orders, and watched the delivery guy go back and forth down our street until he found us. Our pizza was only lukewarm at best, and the mozzerella sticks (pictured below) were inedible. Cold, soggy, oily, and the oil came off the sticks brown (so it obviously needs changing!).

Worse yet, when we called to complain, calls from the lines we had ordered, and checked on our order from were ignored. We had to call from a different cell to get an answer. Then we were told that no one was in charge, and a manager would only be in tomorrow morning; both answers given in a very rude manner.

While I appreciate that Riverside Pizzeria gives military discounts (we are military families both), I will be doing my best to make sure everyone military we know, knows to avoid Riverside Pizzeria. It's really sad - the pizza especially from here used to be GREAT, with GREAT service.