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Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
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2017 Mar 28
Windows are papered over and the place has a "For Lease" sign on it.

2015 Dec 18
Luigi Panini is reassessing their viability. They're waiting until after the new year to make decisions, but they've cut their menu in half and are only open until 3 for the next little while, and no weekends.

Prices haven't changed, though.

2015 Jun 23
Last night we ordered a Margharita pizza (which I don't this is even on their menu) and a Luigi sandwich which I have with me today for lunch.

The pizza is terrific. Nice, thin crust, but not crunchy like you sometimes get if it gets overcooked.

It's the little things that make food good, and they did them all. The mozza and basil were added AFTER the pizza was taken out of the oven. The sandwich was grilled, but the arugula was added AFTER it was taken off the heat. Also, olive bread for the sandwich! A nice option.

Their website is down, and they know it. It's been down for a week, so it obviously isn't a priority.

2014 May 20
The fish tacos are great. Lots of toppings and bursting with flavor. Decent sized too. :-)

2014 Mar 12
I'm starting to think Luigi Panini is criminally underrated. I stopped in yesterday and the sandwiches I picked up were amazing. I got the Luigi, the Chicken Club and the Braised Beef (pictured). All were good but the Braised Beef was the standout. Moist, delicious beef with nicely caramelized onions and provolone, made to order and a huge portion. Next time I want to get the Pickle-wich. At $8/9 (with deli-meat based options at even more accessible $5/6 price points) these are good value compared to what that gets you elsewhere. They've also done some upgrades to the interior and there is a banquette seating area and more tables than before. So glad this is in my 'hood!

2013 Sep 19
I dropped in last night for some take away and it was really quite good. I had the Pickle-wich and chickpea salad while the Dragonlady had the shrimp Po-Boy sandwich and the arugula salad.

The sandwiches were great. I loved the peppery taste of the arugula against the heat of the meat and the punch of the pickles. The Po-Boy fantastic. We would both agree that they were both high on the salt scale, though. The shrimp sandwich didn't need to be, but I expected that with the ingredients I was dealing with.

The salads were amazing. The arugula salad is enormous and the chickpea and mixed bean salad was dressed perfectly, with just the right mix of veg in it. I've never been a fan of the bean salad, but am trying to expand the circle of things I like so I gave it a try. I am not disappointed.

There is plenty of salad (both) for us for tonight as well.

2013 May 31
Went here for a late lunch with my dad. Panini's were offered on white or olive bread. I went for olive bread with the mango chicken and my dad tried white with the daily special bacon and avocado. For an extra dollar you can have a side of house made potato chips, GET THEM!

The wait was a little on the long side, but well worth it. My sandwich was 9$, everything was fresh, so basically the same price as a combo at mc donalds or subway.

I found the soccer game that was on the flat screen a little distracting and confusing. Small place, great guys working there. Will be back, will send others.

2012 Dec 8
The lobster melt is absolutely fantastic!! The best sandwich in the city. Seriously.

2012 Sep 1
Stopped by today and was about to order the shrimp sandwich when I saw they had fish tacos as a special so I ordered this instead. Excellent. Hubby had the scaloppine sandwich and said the meat could have been a bit more generous, but the flavour was good. Anybody have the shrimp sandwich yet?

2012 Aug 18
Dropped by for some gelato to check this place out. They had some interesting flavors of gelato from banana to PB&J. We had the PB&J and Oreo. both were good. Different than Stella not sure if it was sugar content but the consistence was a bit different. I did notice they had some focaccia out that looked very good and will have to try that next time we are in.