Daniel O'Connell Irish Pub
Daniel O'Connell Irish Pub
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2010 Jan 23
My friend and I went here quite a bit during the summer and fall months.

We loved the patio and the main bartender knew what we drank every time we went there. He even told us we drank him dry of Bud Light Lime more than once!

Anyhow, a place that gives that type of service to customers (who went probably once a week) is somewhere I will continue to go and tip well.

I like to spend my money at places that remember me and are less corporate than the place next door.

As soon as this cold weather goes away you'll be guaranteed to find my friend and I frequenting their patio once again.

2008 Feb 25
Oh yes... Let me make myself clear.. Come for beer(or cocktails) and stay for the tunes.

I have had similar expeiences with the food as Chimichimi

The picture is of 2003 Blues Harp Blow-Off Winner, Marc Seguin with Tracy Clark. Together they call themselves "No Fixed Address'.

Here they are at O'Connell's Pub on a Saturday afternoon open stage.

So... If you are a (amateur) musician ... bring your voice and/or instrument.... and if you are not, bring your ears and your thirst. But you can both leave your appetite at home. (or take it directly across the street to Absinthe ottawafoodies.com/vendor/8)

2008 Feb 25
Last I checked, they bring food from the Fil's Diner side, and IMHO I don't like Fil's Diner at all (fried foods were fried at too low a temp and absorbed the fryolator grease, they had a fly problem the last time I was there... breakfast was very boring, etc)

2008 Feb 25
Can't really reccomend the food.... but the Acoustic Open Stage, Wed. nite,; The Celtic Music Session, Thur. nite; and another Acoustic Open Stage on Sat. afternoon (3-7)can be quite interesting.

Especially when supping a Guiness or Keiths Red.

Oh yes,
Also... there is a music jam, informally sharing around the table, on Sunday afternoon 3-6:30.

If you are a (amateur) muscian ... bring your voice and/or instrument.... and if you are not, bring your ears and thirst.