The Merry Dairy serves homemade frozen custard.

Invented in Coney Island New York in the 1920s, the popularity of Frozen Custard spread quickly throughout the US Midwest where its dense, creamy flavour made it a new ice cream favourite.

​Today frozen custard is available throughout the US, but almost unknown in Canada.

The Merry Dairy is bringing this delicious ice cream to Ottawa. Made fresh daily, hand scooped and sold from a truck, its uniqueness comes both from the quality of ingredients (cream, sugar and pasteurized egg yolk) and the machine that makes it.

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The Merry Dairy
The Merry Dairy
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2017 Aug 18
Yay! Got to try their soft serve at the new location. It was excellent - and nice to see their new storefront. Next time we'll try the hard serve, which others at the picnic table were enjoying.

2017 Aug 3
A pic stolen from their Facebook feed of the end of day 1. Just gorgeous.

2017 Aug 3
The new store is open at the corner of Fairmont and Gladstone! YAY!

2012 Aug 19
Tracked the truck down to Preston Street today to finally try some Ottawa custard. Tried the chocolate and vanilla together in a cup. Tasty but not nearly as good as Rita's Ice now that is some great custard. Pricey for a small cup at $3.50. Oh Rita still thinking of you:( now that would be worth traveling for.

2012 Jun 15
We tracked the Merry Dairy truck to 15 Irving Ave. (Hintonburg) The frozen custard was really good, but it is just ice cream. I wouldn't say it is worth driving across town for it, but if you are going to be in the downtown core and know you want a treat, it is very well made ice cream.

The truck is really cute and played music in a traditional tinny kind of way - but not traditional tunes (stairway to heaven was one classic that was played).

The kids ice cream cone is a generous size. The special was $2 for kids and they rolled it in sprinkles. The adults is bigger and $3. The toppings available are sprinkles (rainbow or chocolate), chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce. The toppings are 50cents.

It was a nice treat and because they are usually close by, I would go there again.

2012 Jun 15
Tried my first frozen custard last night. We tracked the Merry Dairy truck to 15 Irving ave. It turns out frozen custard is just really rich ice cream. It is softer than traditional ice cream, but not as soft as soft serve.

It was really good, but very simple (just vanilla flavour). I opted to pay 50cents to have caramel drizzled on top and it was worth it.