During his time working at Fraser Café, Paul Bergeron began cooking up a plan to start his own food truck. He envisioned bringing creative, made-from-scratch restaurant food to the streets. He had watched his friend Jacqueline Jolliffe develop a brisk daily business with Stone Soup Foodworks, serving a constantly changing menu of fresh homemade soups, chilis, and tacos at festivals and on the University of Ottawa campus. Eventually he’d like to find a regular spot to park and cook in the truck year-round.

Relish ... the flavour
Relish ... the flavour
Relish ... the flavour
Relish ... the flavour
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Relish ... the flavour
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2013 May 23
Picture of my wonderful salad

2013 May 23
Tuesday, I had the pleasure of trying the Fresh Steelhead trout panzanella; tomato/cucumber/olive/pickled red onions/potato/crouton.

Simply amazing, the fish was moist with crispy skin. Everything a fish should be. I was surprised by the unorthodox ingredients, but they worked so well together. My only suggestion may be in upgrading the croutons. They were a little too small and dry. One of the best part of a Panzanella salad is the croutons soaking up the goodness.

2013 Apr 5
They put a buttermilk dressing on the salad. So delicious!

2013 Mar 14
Lovely! Had the butter chicken, was delish and I though I wasn't sure I would like the fresh veggies on top(tomato, cucumber and radish) I really did enjoy. Added a nice crisp/coolness.

Greens were very simplee, really crunchy(which I love) with carrot sticks and a really light dressing which I couldn't place.
Does anyone know the type of dressing? Very simple, very thin/watery and white.

ETA I wasn't sure what was the best way to get there via transit so for othrs: get off at Laurier station, walk about 2 blocks down Laurier and then turn right at Copernicus. Less than a block up and there she is :)

2012 Nov 16
Finally found and tried Relish.
I ordered the S'mac and cheese, totally lip-smacking delicious!

2012 Oct 19
The "h" at the end of my name gets cut off under the picture.


It's "HonestTooth", although "HonestToot" is hilarious.

2012 Oct 18
The location is as per Honest Toot's post below. I found it yesterday, and have to say the superlatives used by other reviewers here are appropriate. Fresh and delicious tacos, the warm donuts with fresh raspberry coulis, and the mac and cheese were all special. The chef asked us afterwards what we thought, and when I told her that I wanted to take a big jar of their crunchy/spicy mac n cheese topping home with me to put on EVERYTHING, she laughed and said that's what they do almost every night. I will definitely be back as there was a pork belly and polenta dish that one of my neighbours was enjoying, and it looked quite delicious.

2012 Oct 17
Where exactly on campus are they located?
I am on campus at least 3-4 times a week, I've only seen Stone Foods, never see the relish truck anywhere!

and my classes are all over campus!

2012 Oct 12

HonestToot had me at S'mac and cheese and I am so glad I took the time to manoeuvre my way around UofO and check out this truck, lunch today was the cat's pyjamas and then some! Yes, it's a food truck and yes, it's getting cold out (it snowed while we were there) but if you know your way around the campus you can take your food into the University Centre and find a comfortable spot to sit and eat.

Pictured is the S'mac and cheese topped with chopped jalapenos, fried onions, bacon and tomato cubes. I shared with my husband and while our forks dueled perilously, in the end I won out as I got to mop up the cheese sauce from the bottom of the container.

Prices here are very reasonable for what you get: $7 for the mac'n'cheese, $4 per taco and $3 for the doughnuts came to $18 for our lunch... actually $21 since we ordered another round of dessert ;o)

2012 Oct 12
Relish's specialty tacos -- in a masa tortilla cooked on a cast iron griddle right when you order -- are to die for, and actually made me forget all about Corazon de Mais, which says a mouthful. Today's feature was an 'autumn taco' filled with sweet potato, shredded pork, chorizo, feta, garnished with radishes and cucumbers cut into cute little matchsticks.

The chorizo was spicy but not dry, something that is the bane of all too many of these sausages. The tartness of the feta paired nicely with the sweetness of the yam mash. The pulled pork was well spiced, juicy good and easily as flavourful as what you'll get at Corazon. But for all the goodness in the filling, the fresh tortilla was still the star here, and brought back memories of road tripping through Mexico where fresh masa tortillas were my sustenance for months on end. My husband and I had a taco each and then seriously considered ordering a second, until we were sidetracked by their fresh doughnuts that is...