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A fantastic new microbrewery in Casselman

Foods from Cassel Brewery


2012 Nov 13
Tried this on the weekend at the Wine and Food show and was blown away. I am not much of a beer drinker and have been on the hunt for something because I really want to like beer. I found it finally, in Cassel Brewery's Honey Ale. It's a bit of a trek to get out to Casselman but if I had a way, I'd get out and stock up immediately. For now, I will settle for enjoying it at one of the few restaurants/bars in Ottawa that carry it. Like RiceLover said, can't wait for the LCBO to start carrying it so it's easier to buy.

2012 Nov 12
Fresh small brewed beer. I love them all.

Honey ale is their special brew.

The Maple Rye is a bit stronger.

I love the White bier which is only available in the warmer months. It is better than Hoegaarden, IMO.

Looking forward to them selling at the LCBO so I can buy more often!

2012 Jul 5
Oh, for the time being they are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday but hope to get to 7 days a week before too long. When in doubt, check their website and/or call.

2012 Jul 5
Grand opening on July 14th ... be there or be square!