Small shack serving tacos next to Suzie Q doughnuts at 995 Wellington West. Second location on Nepean Street.

Foods from TacoLot


2019 Mar 24
I was in the neighbourhood and was starving and needed a quick bite to eat so went to the Tacolot for the first time.

I ordered one beef taco. It was tasty, fresh and covered in fresh vegetables, cheese, black beans and sauces. I had it a bit spicy and it was very good with the spiciness. The beef was nicely seasoned and juicy.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only slight issue is that it is a bit pricy at $6 but cost of ingredients must be going up too and businesses need to pay rent, etc. Service was very courteous.

2018 Jul 31
Taco platter at the centertown location ($14.95). Opted for 1 fish and 1 pork. Both were delicious with lots of flavour and quality toppings, however the fish wasn't super crispy. I enjoyed the corn tortillas and the sides we're perfectly fine.

2013 May 21
Call the health inspector.... I have been wanting to try the Wellington location and have never made it, so was excited to see this location open this morning on Nepean Street, convenient to my office.

Oh dear. It was incredibly bland. I am not sure the fish was fresh (on day one). Worst of all, the server is taking cash, flipping tacos and fish on the grill, and adding toppings to the tacos all with no gloves, no utensils, and without washing her hands.

At least I won't be tempted to have any more expensive lunches there.

2013 May 4
Stopped last week to get a couple of tacos on my way to a meeting. Chicken was dry and the pork was soggy. Tiny tortillas and the pico was bland and soaked the outside of the tortillas making the whole thing hard to eat.

Wish I'd dropped in next door to get a donut instead.

I also wish I had two more hands so I could give this place 4 thumbs down.

2012 Dec 2
"traditional" and "grocery store flavor packet" shouldn't be together in the same sentence :P

2012 Nov 19
I was in Hintonburg yesterday afternoon to get a dozen doughnuts (delicious, that's another story) with my boyfriend, who was starving. I haven't tried the tacos at Tacolot due to all the bad reviews but this didn't dissuade him or his stomach. At 5$ for a small (the tortilla is about the size of a small appetizer plate) taco, I figure it should be pretty amazing.

Surprisingly, the beef taco wasn't half bad. From what I tasted it was similar to the traditional taco beef you make yourself with a grocery store flavour packet, but definitely moist and not at all terrible like I was expecting. It had some chopped tomatoes and cheese mixed in.. would be nice if they had some fresh guac. To my surprise, boyfriend liked it so much that he ordered a second taco, this time chicken. It was the opposite of dry.. by the end there was an pool of liquid in the bottom of the dish, it was so juicy. The pieces of pineapple and melon were a nice little touch and the Jarritos sodas were only a toonie.

While I wouldn't make a return trip just for Tacolot again, it wasn't horrible and they must be slowly learning from bad reviews. Either that or we just caught them on a good day.

2012 Sep 24
So has anyone gone on Sundays when they have the guest chefs?

If so, was the food any better? (other than Carmichael)

2012 Aug 31
This place was absolutely awful. We decided to drop by for lunch today. After paying 5$ (each taco) we got a tiny taco that was just badly seasoned dry chicken with diced tomatoes on top. It was so horrible and I think it made me sick. They should be ashamed, even Taco Bell is better.

2012 Aug 14
Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad taco. Can't understand the line-up before it opened. Made a special trip there with my 8 year old foodie son and we're both sorely disappointed about every aspect (flavor, quality and price).
Stella Luna gelato afterwards made it all better though.

2012 Aug 14
Went to TacoLot last weekend. Staff wasn't friendly, but maybe they were having a bad day. Bad day or no bad day, though, their tacos are totally unremarkable and overpriced. There is 0 difference between what I can make at home and what I paid for here, except for the fact that it would be much cheaper. You've got to add value somewhere, guys.