.Blumenstudio is a hybrid floral design shop and coffee shop. In addition to gorgeous floral arrangements, they serve Art is In baked goods and a selection of espresso drinks.

Foods from blumenstudio


2012 Aug 2
Seconding the hidden gem comment-- everyone should pay this place a visit at least once. Cool, cozy, stylish, unpretentious spot for a coffee/tea/snacks. Anyone that frequents the Bridgehead just up the road on Wellington needs to give blumenstudio a tryout as a coffee shop hangout alternative.

And, though we're on a food site, I have to add that the flowers are incredible. Not only are they totally unique and exciting relative to the selection available at other city shops, but they're arranged with real style and care by the shop owner. The arrangements are practically art in their own right. The recipient of my bouquets bought there has gushed over every one of them.

2012 Aug 1
This is the best hidden gem in Ottawa. WIth it's European flair, non-pretentious staff, delicious coffee and stunning flora designs, highly recommended.

2012 Mar 16
Blumenstudio is the gorgeous passion project of Kat Kosek, who spent 17 years as a floral designer before opening the shop last year.

Everything about the space is simple, but well thought-out and executed...like most good European things. My two trips there have felt like a short excursion to the cafes of small towns in Germany. Good things are happening here, but they're modest about it.

It's absolutely my new favourite spot to spend a few hours of the afternoon, curled up in a cozy chair, drinking a cafe coretto.