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Ariana Kabab House
Ariana Kabab House
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2014 Aug 30
Was running errands in the area so stopped by for lunch. Happy to report it is still as good as my last time. We had the beef kabab and the beef shami combination plate (pictured) along with two appetizers (mantus and sabzi - beef dumplings and spinach reapectively). The beef was tender, the salad fresh and the rice well cooked. The dish comes with a spicy sauce.

2013 Dec 15
Had the lamb shank cooked in a tamatoe sauce that also came with rice. Pretty good considering its only $14.99. A steal if you ask me.

Only problem is the location. Not easy to find.

2013 Jul 16
The mantus ( beef dumplings) were simply amazing, i have no idea what was in the sauce but the dumplings were drizzled with an orangy sauce with some corn in and yogurt.

2013 Jul 16
This is a great find. Great value for money. Fresh and well made food even if it is cheap! Here is a pic of the said trio of chicken, beef and beef patty. The meat was lightly marinated (flavourful) and juicy. Served over fluffy rice and a side of salad with a light yogurt sauce. We shared among 3 of us along with the side of sabzi and a side of dumplings and were completely full.

We ordered the sabzi (spinach) and an additional half order of Afghan naan. The waitress was very kind in suggesting we order a half portion because the full naan is huge! The naan was warm and went really well with the sabzi.

It is not a fancy restaurant and does not have a liquour license but the food is worth the detour.

2012 Jan 12
NU4449 does make a good point. NO other restaurant offers delivery.

Also, i'm Batman.

2012 Jan 12
I just wanted to let you know that the new Afghan resturant has opened I'm writing all this from their flyer.
Ariana Kabab House
2677 Alta Visat Dr (Next to Indeoendent Grocer)
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-11pm
weekeds 12pm 11pm
DELIVERY (Great option for winter!!!! the other restuarants don't offer it)
for the flyer go to

I hope that I have helped you guys and I went there and had thier Shammi Kabab and I loved it, it wasn't dry or anything and the people who work there are very nice and friendly so I highly recommend this place.