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Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Doughnuts at Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Foods from Suzy Q doughnuts

2012 Jun 4
Second visit, not as good as the first time.

Not as much of a selection. The maple bacon is a bit of a dud, I have to say. It promises much but delivers little. The bacon bits hardly have flavour and they are rock hard.

The chocolate dip is tasty as is the vanilla. For other glazed varieties (caramel, maple, etc), I think they should coat it all around, not just on top. The doughnut is so dense and doughy, that a thin veneer of glaze, and on one side only, doesn't pack enough of a punch. The nuts, while they provide good texture, also not the tastiest.

I wish they had the lime-coarse salt I had the first time.

I don't know much about dougnut-making, but I imagine if the toppings soaked in a bit, this doughnut would be a knockout. As it is, the surface seems impermeable, and consequently the inside generally dry and bland.

Will be back for a sixer of lime-salt.

2012 May 23
My take on Suzy Q's seems pretty different from most here -- the flavours are fun and novel, but they make up such a small part of the donut, and I'm not so sold on their style.

The dough is heavier/denser than I'd like, to the point that it kind of felt like a chore to finish chewing the thing after the topping came and went. I found it very cakey and moist, where I'd prefer light and even crisp.

Not smitten by the place, but it's a nice option to have, anyway.

2012 Apr 30

Evil evil donut place makes evil donuts to tempt us into fatses, oh yes, we loves them so, my precioussss...

...especially when you're standing in line to get 'just one' and they smack down three trays of hot out of the oven other flavours... what am i SUPPOSED TO DO HERE EXACTLY, HUH? WHAT????

FFS SALTED CARAMEL DONUTS. And some kind of home made skor chip on chocolate thing. and... and...and.... AAAAAHHHHHHH.

Love this place. And hate them. But mostly love.

I have a problem.

2012 Apr 30
I went to Suzy Q yesterday after reading all the comments on this site. Bought eight doughnuts for $14. Pricey but well worth it. A group of us shared the dirty chocolate, salted caramel, coconut & lime and lemon raspberry. They were all good but my favourites were the chocolate and the caramel. The dough was soft and chewy and not what I was expecting. Ate one the next morning for breakfast (please do not judge - I think doughnuts are a very good way to start your day!) and the texture was not as chewy - I think I actually preferred it. Next time I get an urge for doughnuts, I'm going to Suzy Q!

2012 Apr 8
Love the doughnuts. I'm worried I might be addicted. There's this lime-flavoured one with chunky salt on the surface, an explosion of flavour. The dark chocolate glaze, also a knockout. Caramel with toasted almonds, vanilla glazed, coconut, I would order every one of these again. Ten bucks for a six-pack, I pay it and don't even blink.

I got them at the end of the day Saturday, still a good selection available, and quantities. Nice, old-time doughy, non-greasy, dense beauties. Very friendly, helpful staff, too.

Will go back, probably very soon.

2012 Mar 24
I love the concept behind Susie Q Doughnuts. A simple traditional pastry treated with creative flavours.

Purchase in the morning and brought back home to enjoy, still warm when I dug in. I tried Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon, Blueberry, Mayan Spicy Chocolate, Toasted Coconut.

By name, these flavours are rich and decadent but I found that the drizzle was thin and diluted on the donut, alittle soggy, even a small puddle underneath. I would have liked a thicker glaze, not sweeter, just something that adhered better. As I typically don't like overly sweet treats, the sweetness factor of was very much to my liking.

The doughnut itself was good, but I wouldn't call it a doughnut. It's rather dense, and a little dry, gently sweet with a hint of cinnamon. I feel it has the texture of a brioche (sweet bread).

Of course my exposure to doughuts are limited to Tim Hortons, Krispy Creme, Donut Factory (Singapore), Leonards Malasadas (Hawaii). So I can only base my option of what a doughnuts should taste like around these.

That being said, if I am in the mood for a sweet bread, I would try more of Susie Q's.

Salted Caramel - My favourite. Sweet and salty.
Maple Bacon - More salty, than sweet. A savoury tone if you're in the mood.
Blueberry - Unremarkable. Thicker glaze was needed instead of sitting in a pool of drizzle.
Mayan Spicy Chocolate - was my least favourite - grainy CocoCamino powderdy taste, mildly sweet, mildly spicy
Toasted Coconut - perfectly sweet, subtly coconut-y.

Ample parking, aim to go early for the freshest doughnuts... unless you like the dense texture, as they harden slightly when cooled.

$2 each
$10 for 1/2 dozen

2012 Mar 24
From left to right: Salted caramel, toasted coconut and Kaffir lime, dirty chocolate.

I parked myself in the SuzyQ lot just before they opened, just to make sure I could get these bad boys as fresh as possible.

And, man, did they not disappoint.

Fantastic, yielding yeasty texture, and toppings that were flavourful without being overwhelming.

It's a good thing that they sell them by the half-dozen. If we bought twelve we would have eaten twelve, no doubt about it.

2012 Mar 5
I have had donuts from here on three occasions. Overall I would say that it's best that you go early so you can get the selection you want as well as the freshness you desire. Considering they are designed to be a splurge and therefore are calorically devastating.. you should both get and consume them at their peak or not at all.

2012 Mar 3
This new store is doing a brisk business! Friendly people and a quality product make this a place to return to again and again.

2012 Feb 25
Also, the new store is really cute. I like what they have done with the place. Simple, laid back, inviting. My favourite version of that spot so far (I've been going since before Hintonburger was there).

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2012 Mar 11
Oh wow. I had a dinner party last night and 2 guests arrived with a couple of boxes of assorted donuts from Suzy Q. Incredible! We had to cut them into quarters so everyone could have a taste of everything. This is going to be a very weak spot for me. Tim Horton's ruined the donut, and Suzy Q brought them back!

2012 Mar 3
I love the Salted Caramel doughnuts here. The Toasted Coconut are great too. Also pictured here are the Double Chocolate and the Blue Vanilla with Froot Loops. My daughter was loopy about the blue one.

The Maple Bacon is good as well, but I find the chewy chunks of bacon are more gimmick than gourmet. For salty-sweet I prefer the Salted Caramel. Either way, there is a doughnut for every taste here. Just awesome!