Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Doughnuts at Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Foods from Suzy Q doughnuts

Apr 5
Thanks very much Suzy Q for your generous contribution to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser!

Mar 31
Picked up two of these today, a dirty chocolate and a Boston cream. We did not care much for these. I thought I was eating slightly sweet Wonder bread, they were of that texture. All fluff, no flavour. It didn't help that at the first bite of the Boston cream one, the custard was so thin it ran all over the place. Thank goodness I was eating them at home and had a plate or I would have been wearing the custard. My husband felt the same way about his dirty chocolate. If someone brought them over I suppose I would eat them but I am not likely to buy them again.

Jul 20
There are already a lot of pictures of doughnuts but I am posting this because these doughnuts make me happy! I got most the classics: salty caramel, dirty chocolate, maple bacon, sugar. New to me is the raspberry lemonade. The light brown one is peanut butter!! I like these doughnuts because of the slight chewiness and they are always fresh so it's the right level of moisture as well.

Jun 30
I love maple bacon and salty caramel.
sweet and salty!
Doughnuts are very fresh,soft and puffy.
They are not greasy at all.

2013 Apr 27
What a brilliant way to start the weekend. Maple bacon left me speechless (in a good way). Soft, chewy, sweet and salty. And I don't even like doughnuts. Suzy Q is doing it right.

2012 Dec 27
If you want to impress a visitor from out of town, bring him/her to SuzieQ. They have a wide selection of incredible donuts which puts to shame the regular donut sellers. The only drawback is that SuzyQ is a takeout outfit and being able to enjoy a good coffee and donut on the premises is not doable.

Nonetheless, if you want to impress the people in your office, they are the donuts to buy.

2012 Oct 20
Suzy Q has become a part of my weekend errands in the neighbourhood. In fact, I now seem to plan the errands around the doughnuts rather than the other way round...
I like the light, yeast-raised doughnuts with just enough heft and I wonder why anyone would want doughnuts that didn't go stale quickly.
That said, I was in today to pick up my favourite--the coconut and kaffir lime and was disappointed that there is even less coconut on it than last week. The amount has diminished greatly since they opened. Got the caramel gravel road instead, but if you want caramel, the salted one is better.

2012 Sep 24
You won't pay $2 for a donut? Surely that's what you pay at TimHo's these days, and those come out of the freezer. In Toronto you pay $4-5 for these "boutique" donuts (for lack of a better term). Suzy Q is so, so, fair.

2012 Sep 21
I too agree with Des, I really want to like Suzy Q - they are local and fairly original and not a factory.
However, I object on principle to paying $2+ for what is essentially a mediocre doughnut.
If you are not interested in whatever their super-exciting topping of the day is, the doughnuts are a bit bland and go stale pretty fast.
I am a big fan of the plain doughnut - I just love those mini-doughnuts they sell at the Home Show and stuff like that.
Long ago when I was young, my boyfriend and I used to go for long rides on his Honda and stop in at the doughnut place that used to be at Montreal Road and the Vanier parkway - hot fresh doughnuts and coffee at 2 a.m. ....ah, nostalgia

2012 Aug 14
Des nailed it.

Suzy Q gets an A+ for creative ideas (except for that froot loop thing), but overall their product are taste-duds due to not enough topping/dough ratio. They need to make the outer surface more permeable so that the flavour/liquid/glaze seeps in a bit. The dough would have to be different, though, it would have to be fatty and cakey.

I've seen this glaze seepage in cake-like doughnuts I've bought stateside, particularly a few weeks back. That dynamite old-fashioned glazed courtesy of the Hannaford in Lake Placid, which I polished off in three bites before I got the change from the cashier.

Thinking of that doughnut when I crossed the border back into Canada, I wept.




2012 Mar 11
Oh wow. I had a dinner party last night and 2 guests arrived with a couple of boxes of assorted donuts from Suzy Q. Incredible! We had to cut them into quarters so everyone could have a taste of everything. This is going to be a very weak spot for me. Tim Horton's ruined the donut, and Suzy Q brought them back!

2012 Mar 3
I love the Salted Caramel doughnuts here. The Toasted Coconut are great too. Also pictured here are the Double Chocolate and the Blue Vanilla with Froot Loops. My daughter was loopy about the blue one.

The Maple Bacon is good as well, but I find the chewy chunks of bacon are more gimmick than gourmet. For salty-sweet I prefer the Salted Caramel. Either way, there is a doughnut for every taste here. Just awesome!