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Beer at Mill St. Brewpub
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2012 Feb 22
Our work group just had late lunch, so now I can comment on other mains served.

The stew was found as good as the tourtiere. My fish and chips was perfectly acceptable, did not need tartar sauce or ketchup to be enjoyed (a very good plus) though was not exactly fantastic either; only one piece, but a BIG one.

Duck seems to not be quite understood by the kitchen: someone had a duck and pear sandwhich which they found meh, and the duck flatbread with cheese and blueberries was found too salty to eat more than half.

Salads as mains are hefty and more than a meal on their own. I'm not sure what was on the far end of our table, but I heard no complaints. The main statement was "I need to come back, there's many things I want to try next".

I found out they brew their own root beer - noncaffeinated. it is good. Good. GOOD. Oh nummynum good. Dark (not caramel) colour, maybe not a complex taste but an extremely satisfying one. Big mug for $3.50.

Ice cream was of very nice quality, a fair portion but a bit expensive at $6. They currently only have vanilla, the chocolate and cobblestone stout variety is not ready yet.

This time I was able to get the locally-made Irish Red, and it is indeed very nice, not too carbonated, and the freshness is a major enjoyment of the taste - this so didn't come from a bottle or a keg that sat around a while or was transported and lost fizziness.

2012 Feb 17
Had dinner here on Wednesday night. We were a group of 15 people and sat in the bar area. Service was very good and everyone in our group enjoyed what they ordered. I had the vegetarian flatbread - sun dried tomatoes, arugula, olives, cheese topping. Really good. Spousal unit had the tourtiere and enjoyed it and the filial unit had a salad with steak on it. She said it was delicious. Some members of our party had the curry special and they said it was good and spicy. We brought our own cake since it was a birthday celebration and the waitress cut and served it for us. The place was really busy so I would recommend making reservations and when I arrived I had a hard time finding parking - had to wait around until somebody left.

2012 Feb 12
We thought the colder weekend temps would deter the crowds from going to the Mill St. Brewpub last night, but we were wrong. Around 5 p.m. the place was hopping and tables were filling up fast.

Very charming bartender hooked us up with a Chaudiere and a Frankenbock (sp?). I like a bit more hop in my brew and the Frankenbock was not quite there, yet it had a slight kick at the end that was refreshing. Let's just say I wouldn't choose it for spicy food.

We only waited maybe 10 minutes for our table and from there the service was friendly and efficient. Food came out fast and empty plates were removed promptly. This is good as they like to plate on oversize platters which quickly take over your table space if you like to sample more than one app.

As for the food: very good (fresh, well presented, well cooked) but overall, the kitchen needs to try adding some heat, some complexity. All the dishes were well seasoned, but they lacked that extra something that stands up to the beer. A chimichurri vinaigrette on the steak salad? Sounds great, but there wasn't enough of that lush, viscous green garlic pow that makes chimichurri an awesome accompaniment to seared meat. My SO's beet/goat cheese/spinach/cranberry salad also feel prey to subtlety, lacking the requisite bite that balances out the sweet flavours. I'm not saying to add a pile of scotch bonnets, but a little heat would lift the familiar to the incredible.

2012 Feb 10
As a follow up to my last post, I did e-mail the Mill Street Brew Pub about the overly salted calamari.

I got a very nice response the same day. So far I am impressed with this place.

Here it is:

"Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed your experience. It's been a crazy few weeks getting open and I'm happy to hear affirmation that the service team is working together and absorbing the loads of information we've given them. The building is beautiful and we're happy that on its 170th year it is not empty!

I am also a Calamari officinadio; so you know we get in fresh squid and bread in house; although the breading is a product that is made specifically for us by a supplier. I have passed your comments on to our chef and he has assured me that he will test out the batter and finished product so we can makes tweaks with our supplier if they've made any errors in the ingredients.

As a heads up, we are doing Ottawa's first Brewmasters dinner on March 15! It's a 5 course meal, pared with 5 different beers. Tickets go on sale Feb 15 and the menu is in development over the next week!

Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon!"

Mike Hall
Mill St Brew Pub Ottawa
"Great Beer Lives Here!"

2012 Feb 8
When I called yesterday to get a reservation they told me they were fully booked.....BUT they did say that they do take walk-ins if tables are available, so we took our chances and arrived at 5:00 and were given a table for 4 right away!

The restaurant filled up pretty quickly after that. I didn't find it particularly noisy (any more than any other Ottawa pub).

Our table mates were not arriving for an hour, so we started with a beer flight each (4 x 6oz). I got the Portage, the Vanilla Stout, the Frambozen and the Wit beer. Loved the Vanilla stout.

Appies: it was 50 cent wing night (every Tuesday) so we got 5 medium and 5 bbq. The medium were pretty hot for medium but still edible and the bbq sauce had a nice tang to it. They were larger sized wings and very filling so be careful how many you order!

We also had the carnitas (pulled pork with spices, corn, cilantro and other stuff I can't remember). These were delicious! But they were also pretty big tortillas (like the size of a Lonestar one). You get 3 of these.

Once we had eaten all of this we were stuffed and our dinner companions hadn't even arrived yet! Oops! Beware of the large appie! Just the wings or the carnitas alone would have been plenty.

We convinced our friends to take their time and order appies and then for dinner I ordered the calamari and my hubby ordered the Stout and Onion soup.

He said the soup was outstanding (as did our friends who also ordered it).

My calamari was the only downside of the meal and for only one reason: TOO MUCH SALT. Batter was perfect consitancy, adhered to the squid as it should and the sauces were tasty. But why oh why do they insist on adding so much salt. I wasn't able to finish them because of this (and I will send them an e-mail to let them know).

Other than that, great night with very friendly service, good beer and pretty good food.

2012 Feb 7
All the good buzz is killing me.... MUST TRY!

2012 Feb 7
Went in last Friday after work around 5:30pm (I can just walk across the bridge) and yes, they were quite full. 90 minute wait for tables. BUT! I was by myself, so I only waited 20 minutes or so to find a spot on the upstairs bar to open up. (I had to check both bars myself, they don't deliver buzzers for bar spaces.)

Despite the rather full crowd (and yes, noisy due to the exposed brickwork), I got served relatively quickly. I got a full pint of the frambozen instead of the half I requested, but that's my own fault for saying "half pint" - in the din, they'll only hear the last word. As mentioned, it's not especially fruity if compared to many other microbrews, especially from Quebec or Belgium. The Muskoka cranberry is more fruity than this. But it's not bad at all, despite that. (I wanted the Irish Red, but they were already sold out of the initial batch.)

Due to comments here, I had the tourtière: bison, beef and I forget the third meat; elk? I was told by a server that it was 50% bison and 25% each other meats. Whatever it was, it's quite tasty, not greasy, not bland though not an explosion of flavours, but I'm not expecting that at a pub. (A bit more spices, or some if there's none, could elevate this for hopefully little cost.) It was served with perfectly fine green peas, a thoroughly nummy sweet potato purée, and a cole slaw that was as bland and tired as possible; a sour note in an otherwise very satisfying dish. I definitely gave that feedback to the bar server, who happily took note of it.

Still no debit, which is downright weird, unless it's a sister company, or else the interac rules outright prohibit having a terminal installed on restaurant launch or something.

Though the menu is smaller than the Toronto location (I'd love to see their stout stew duplicated), it doesn't seem to be a slouch. Most of all, that the dishes were nice and tasty (for pub fare) in the middle of a huge crowd speaks well of when the kitchen won't be super-busy. When I left, it was over a 2 hour wait for a table. And when I left work on Monday and went across the bridge, the parking lot seemed full already at 5pm.

Their beers, in general, aren't fantastic, especially for a microbrew (except I'd classify them more a minibrew in Toronto considering their output). The made-on-premises beers seem much better (I've had the Portage, and heard good things from the Irish Red).

2012 Feb 7
Just called to try and get a reservation for tonight and they are already fully booked......on a Tuesday!


2012 Feb 7
We visited two Saturdays ago for lunch, their first week. Excellent ambience, and airy place. The only downside are the cold halogen lights, but those are only really a factor at night (as confirmed when we dropped by last Friday pre-Winterlude and quickly left after we learned it would be 2 hours (I might have crossed paths with Ken come to think of it)).

Anyway, our lunch was great. My stout beer French onion soup was well executed, nice tasty, crispy cheese on the edges, nice tang to the soup, and very decent heat.

My braised beef sandwich au jus was awesome. The mashed potatoes were well done too. The sandwich was delicious, the bread very fresh. Next time, I'm trying the fries, they looked good on the neighbouring tables. I was totally stuffed with only a soup app and this main.

My gf had the duck flatbread which I thought was delicious, but she found a tad salty. Generous amounts of meat on it. Perfect texture to the crust.

Both the Copperstone (?) stout and Tankhouse were delicious. Ice cold. The beer here is excellent.

One of the managers checked up on us later and gave us a $10 coupon for our next visit, very appreciated!

The service was very good too, as was the presentation of the plates.

Can't wait to come by for lunch sometime again. Can't wait for the summer too, this looks like a great place on a nice day, I imagine they'll have a patio.

A great addition to the Ottawa casual dining scene!

2012 Feb 6
We went with a group of colleagues after an event on Thursday night. We arrived around 9:30 and the place was packed, and we were having trouble finding a space for 10 people. They were kind enough to allow us a space on the second floor in the back room, which they had planned to close, after we agreed to forego service and get our own food/drinks at the bar.

The space is incredibly loud, and we all had to shout to be heard. One person commented that the brickwork did not help with the acoustics, but I'm sure given the beauty of the space that they won't be putting up any fabrics to help with the sound. I found the sound to be a bit dizzying.

I won't comment on all of the different beers we had since I'm not really a beer person. I ordered a frambozen, and I found it very disappointing for my taste - no real flavour of raspberry at all. My frame of reference is Tall Ship Raspberry Wheat, KLB, and Mort Subite. My favourite beers are St. Ambroise Apricot and Kronenburg Blanc, both quite fruity, which is what I was hoping for.

I did not care for the Tankhouse at all, but that's just personal preference. My favourite was the Irish Red (could not find it on the menu, but the person who got it says that's what he ordered). I only had a sip, but it was very fruity without being sweet and very delicious. Not helpful, I know, but I thought it was good.

The table shared loaded nachos (tons of cheese, olives, green peppers, served with thick sour cream, home made guac and salsa). There was so much cheese that the nachos were so soggy they were wet, but the real guac was nice. We also got some kind of cream spinach crab dip with a small loaf of bread. There was not enough bread for the dip (the size of a thin panini) and I found the dip to be extremely fishy.

I have no idea how much anything cost since the bosses picked up the tab (lucky me!!), but I know I won't be rushing to return. For those into craft beer, it is most likely worth a visit, but I recommend waiting until the initial buzz dies down.

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2015 Aug 18
I was here last Saturday afternoon for a meet and greet. It was a fun gathering, with lots of Jodi's family, friends, and followers/fans/foodies.

First visit to Mill St. It's a beautiful location with lots of covered parking. A few weddings came in while we were there.

It was my first time having Tankhouse Ale in draught form and it's pretty good! I also enjoyed the super refreshing Lemon Tea Beer (pic). Around $7 for a pint.. pretty normal.

2012 May 15
Valley Irish Red rocks my socks. It's a very smooth red with a hint of maple, dee-lish!

2012 Jan 26
Lots of pub brewed beers to try. You can also buy growlers in their retail store.


2012 Jan 26
The Tourtiere was awesome. Moist, tasty and rich. I don't recall ever having Tourtiere before so I can't comment on authenticity, but I would definitely recommend it.


2013 Apr 1
A pile of us went for a lunch on Thursday and it went very well. I had the corn and chipotle soup with the jerk chicken and mango flatbread. It was not bad. A little better than I'd expect to get at a chain restaurant, so I wasn't disappointed. I really wanted to see what the spent grain flatbread was. It was very moist, even after baking, which I liked.