Foods from Bobby's table

2016 Jan 25

Tried their smoked meat last week, was absolutely delicious.
Also really liked the homemade applesauce they served with their latke.

This place looks pretty non-descript, but the food was great, the service really friendly, and their sandwich options include both normal-person sized sandwiches and the stereotypical deli-sized ones that are bigger than your head.

I have heard good things about other parts of their menu (especially their breakfast), so I look forward to an opportunity to try them again soon.

In addition to the usual eat-in/take-out, they have a freezer with food for sale too. At a quick glance it seemed to be mostly soups, perogies, waffles, and what looked like either meat pies or quiches.

2011 Aug 10
This place has the best clubs in the city. There ate like ten to choose from. I've had the Lou Lou pretty much all veg with some chicken. Also had the Ottawa valley chicken bacon ham and cheese with the normal lettuce and tomato. Both were amazing. If you also miss a good ol smoke meat sandwich from Nates well the Bobby worked at Nates and you can get that aswell. Also amazing. They also sell loads of banana bread, cookies, and there home made spaghetti. Check it out you won't be disappointed.