3 Sisters Bakery
Foods from 3 Sisters Bakery


2012 Jul 16
My GF birthday cake and some cookies came from 3 Sisters and I was supremely happy. The cake was a meringue base of hazelnuts with layers of cream filling. It was light, flavorful, and had a great combination of crunchy and soft textures - perfect for the BBQ.

The chocolate cookies looked like cooling lava and were fantastic.. crunchy on the outside and chewy within.

I bake a fair bit of gluten free scones, cakes, pizza crust etc but it was nice to not have to make my own birthday cake. It was also a revelation of textures to see what can be done with different technique.

Two thumbs up.

2012 May 28
This place has really great gluten free offerings. The owners seem really nice (as reported by my wife), and extremely accommodating. We've stopped there a couple of times for her to pick up a lunch before heading off for cheese pies for the rest of the family.

The owners started the place after having reworked their own cooking to accommodate for family members with various dietary restrictions, gluten free being one of them.

2012 May 27
This place is an awesome diamond in the rough. It's located in an uninspiring strip mall in the middle of a residential area and while I noticed it in passing I never considered going there until a friend recommended it. The inside is nothing like what you would expect in such a location and it's very nicely decorated. The real star here though is the various bakery goods. I haven't tried anything I didn't think was just fantastic. I can also highly recommend their breakfast and lunch paninis as well as their hot chocolate.

If you're ever anywhere near this part of town, do youself a favour and drop in. It is well worth the trip.

2011 Jun 20
I had the pleasure of popping into 3 Sisters last Friday and enjoyed checking out what they have to offer their customers now that they are open. They sell their own baked goods as well as that of Art-is-in Boulangerie, Dolci, and Dufflet. They sell Art-is-in Dynamite bread and use it for their takeout sandwiches. They have an ice cream bar featuring Lois 'N' Frima's Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream. The coffee is made from Francesco's locally roasted beans. I sampled a gluten-free cupcake and liked it. I also had a taste of a brownie, which also enjoyed. My first visit was impromptu and to just get a feel for the place. Next time I am shopping! It feels like a store that is much needed for the Alta Vista neighbourhood. It was buzzing with people.

If you want to read more and see a ton of pictures, feel free to pop over to my blog post.