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55 Metcalfe Street Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5 - (613) 567-2417
Open Weekdays 6am-4pm

The Sandwich Tree is a family run lunch place catering to downtown dwellers.

The Sandwich Tree
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2011 Jun 14
I stumbled upon The Sandwich Tree the other day while walking to work. It is on the second level of an office building off of Queen and Metcalfe. There is no 'storefront', only a little sign directing you up stairs.

This place is run by a very friendly Asian couple, and from what I saw, the restaurant is very clean and the kitchen was extremely organized. It was empty when I arrived at bout 11:30. It seems that The Sandwich tree offers your normal canteen lunch options such as sandwiches, soups, salads, and a rotating hotplate with items like Lasagna and chili.

Being not sure what to order, I kept it simple. I ordered a tuna sandwich on enriched white bread. I can't remember the last time I had wonder-bread style, so it was a guilty pleasure or mine. The only other option was enriched brown bread, so the white bread isn't much different. It's a little disappointing that they do not serve proper bread, but as I could see, the place was empty and I can't imagine they can afford to be well stocked with different breads.

The sandwich was good - in the "I made it at home kind of way". Lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and onion topped with a nicely seasoned, light on the mayo tuna salad. Again, nothing special what so ever, but a very nice lunch meal. This came with a mixed garden salad which was covered in Greek seasoning, topped with olives, cucumber, and tomato. I was given the option to choose from a variety of Kraft pre-made salad dressings. I chose Thousand Islands - which is also a guilty pleasure of mine, because growing up my parents never bought this crap. Slightly disappointing that they did not offer homemade dressing.

This meal - without a drink - was 9 dollars flat. This is a little expensive for what I received (in comparison to say Gooney's), but non the less it was a balanced, fair and pretty tasty lunch. It filled me up. I can see that this place is probably struggling against the myriad of more interesting lunch places in the near vicinity. I might try it again when I forget to pack my lunch, even if it is just to support these people. They were very nice.