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2014 Sep 19
Yes it is! Good eye. My son had the quiche but preferred the nem nướng̣. :-)

2014 Sep 19
@FreshFoodie Is that a "quiche" on the rice dish? I have been looking for a place in Ottawa with that. Most places serve it with a fried egg.

2014 Sep 9
The menu and food are identical to that of New Phở B G LA, but it is less crowded.

Soups aren't as great as you'll find in the suburbs, but the grilled rice dishes are nice. Especially those with the delicious "Nem Nướng̣" sausage patties (they translate it as "BBQ meatball").

And that bilingual salt shaker is super cute!

2011 Dec 14
I went here a few weeks ago, the food was fine. I had the choice of ordering off of the menu from Pho Bo Ga La 2 as well as a fusion menu with pad thai/thai curry/etc on it.

2011 May 30
My take on it is that it is the same owners of *Pho Bo Ga LA* restaurants, and that it would probably have a new menu? Guess we shall see when it opens.

2011 May 29
The menu in the window.

BTW .. This is where the old Mee Xim Vietnamese Restaurant was. 781 Summerset St West.

2011 May 29
I'm confused. Is this a new 'New Pho Bo Ga LA' with g'Fusion' added on ?
The menu in the window didn't seem to have any fusion dishes... just a straight copy of the 'New Pho Bo Ga LA' menu.
Does this just add confusion to the naming of Pho places here in Ottawa?