Mostly BBQ, chicken, burgers, pulled pork.

Foods from St. Louis Bar & Grill

2014 Apr 1
(Clyde & Baseline location)

I'm seconding Francis's sentiment on the speed of service—we were there at the same time, but at different tables!

Granted, the place was packed. They weren't taking reservations for large groups (we were 9 people), so we got there at 11:45 and then waited an hour for our food to come.

We did get all of our orders at the same time, though.

My burger was OK; the beer was cold and plentiful.

2014 Mar 28
We ate here a couple of weeks ago, first time with the St. Louis chain. (Clyde & Baseline location)

Much preferred to the Wild Wings that was on McCarthy. Flame ratings are more accurate for the sauces - I had the buffalo ranch and it was just right heat-wise. Fries were quite tasty.

Manager made a point to stop by and chat with us, and even got our daughter her sundae herself. We intend to go back.

2014 Mar 28
(Clyde & Baseline location)

The service was very slow (Friday at lunch), the food quality mediocre, the portions small, and the prices expensive.

Waitresses were friendly enough, but brought out our orders a plate at a time. Seems inefficient to me.

2011 May 23
I've been to this place several times now, and can say I will not be returning. It has always been passable food, compensated by big screens for sporting events and a large patio on Elgin. The food was occasionally mediocre, but after my last experience where it was truly awful, no more.

I started to warm up to this place on St.Paddy's when I tried their new (at the time) pulled pork sliders. Delicious and fresh, as was the bacon-cheeseburger I order as a main.

I have since returned a few times expecting something in the vicinity of that level of quality. No dice.

This place either changes ownership regularly, which would explain the frequent changes in their food, or they are lousy at inventory and decide to substitute things when they are out of a particular item.

Example: the pulled pork (sliders or sandwiches) that I had enjoyed previously, this past Friday were served in a cheap, frozen-style pseudo-baguette versus the soft, fresh round bun ideal for this sandwich. But this wasn't the worst part.

This place never really had authentic pulled pork per se. It usually consisted of pretty big pieces of shredded pork, not even soaked in BBQ. But it was always decent and tasty with a tangy vinegary BBQ sauce. This time: large, unsightly pieces of pork, mostly gristle, no semblance to pulled pork at all. And dry as heck, hardly any sauce, even added afterward.

The fries in this place are brutal. I normally opt for the salad which is usually passable, as the sweet potato fries are lousy (the bright orange colour looks so fake as tastes the vulgar sweetness), not to mention the battered fried onion chips which are greasy as heck.

So, in short, never stepping foot here again.