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2016 Jan 26
opps put it also as edit to previous post.

2016 Jan 11
Has anyone got the samosas recently and how was it? Would the other locations sell them too.

Okay stopped by after my hairdresser appointment about a week ago. They have beef, chicken and vegetable samosas. I think it is a company name azhara or something similar since there was a poster by the door.

The beef and chicken Samosas are $1.99 each now tax included? and were fairly tasty but also a bit greasy since the bag was spotted with oil and I used napkins on it to blot some of the oil. They nuked it for me but might have done with a tiny bit longer since some part of a samosa was still cold.

I wish they had lamb ones. There used to be a place in London, UK when I was working there by the tube station that had fantastic hot ones kept in a warming oven. yummm...

2011 Oct 25
For anyone in the area, the owner told me yesterday that a fresh shipment of all flavours of samosas will arrive TODAY!


2011 Jun 22
Heeheehee. I'm glad you like! I bought six of them yesterday too. It's good to stock up when they're fresh, although I've never noticed a stale taste, even when I grab the last one.

2011 Jun 21
Here is a picture of the cross-section. I found a vegetarian samosa in the bag.

Just as amazing as this afternoon :)

2011 Jun 21
Tina and Yessi are not crazy! I don't mean to say that I ever thought you ladies were, but... when somebody says convenience store food is 'incredible' and 'the best you've ever had', I have to take these statements with a grain of salt.


These are pretty much the best samosas I have ever had. I might have been lucky since when I arrived there today, the gentleman was taking them out of a delivery box. They were still warm!!! Not in the reheated kind of way either. They had probably been made within the hour :)

I ordered two beef (one fried, and one baked) and two vegetarian (once again, one fried and one baked). When I asked for the vegetarian, the guy paused, kind of stuttered and then acknowledged it and said 'sure'.

As yessi and tina have mentioned, they are only 1.25. AWESOME! When I brought it back to the office, I took a bite out of a baked 'vegetarian' one. Hah! it was vegetarian just as much as lamb is vegetarian to Greek people! (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). It was a chicken samosa! Totally okey since I'm not a veggie. It tasted phenomenal. Full of complex and interesting eastern spices, but it wasn't too spicy(hot). I like hot samosa's but it was totally fine that it was not.

The beef was equally great. Fresh, crispy on the outside, full of beautiful spices and peas. mhmhmhmmm.. I would love to see a hamburger made with this beef/spice blend.

I'm glad I picked up 6. I'm going to pick up a whole bunch more and take advantage of the fresh box of samosas.

Thanks Yessi and Tina for sharing this awesome place.

2011 Jun 20
What an awesome little gem.

I waltzed in to see what you folks below are raving about.

I picked up: Half an egg salad sandwich and a large fairly impressive garden salad.

Radishes, red onion, cheddar cheese cubes, red pepper, cucumber, tomato, carrots, half an orange!!!! with a balsamic dressing. Sounds pretty darn good to me.

The Sandwich wasn't great, but it was fresh and filling.

Look.. it was 4.99. Are you kidding me? So much better then Subway!

Can't wait to try the samosas for a mid afternoon snack tomorrow.


2011 May 20
Tina, you weren't supposed to tell them about this place!

Alright, it's true. This place is worth the mention. Three-of-five days a a week, I buy my lunch from Hasty. I do this for two reasons:
1) I'm too lazy to pack a lunch these days.
2) It's great food for the price.

I second Tina's recommendation about the samosas. I'm no connoisseur, but I think they're the best samosas I've ever had. My favourite kind is baked chicken. They go for $1.25 each.

My real staple is their Greek salad with chicken, which is both healthy and filling enough to get you through the rest of the day. (Plus, feta!) At $4.19, it's a great deal. The only problem is that they often sell out. In fact, forget I ever said anything. :)

2011 May 19
So it might seem kind of strange to add Hasty Market on Metcalfe (near Gloucester) to the list, but people at my office have been grabbing super cheap lunches from here forever.

They have fresh sandwiches, soups, and salads every day at about 2/3 the price of Place Bell. They're nothing fancy, but the soups are home made.

The best deal is the salad, especially the Greek. You get tons of fresh veggies and a huge chunk of snowy white feta for about $4.

The hidden gem of the place is the samosas that are tucked away in tupperware containers at the bottom of the cooler - THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! They have beef, chicken, and veggie. The beef is definitely my favourite, and they're $1.25. They seem home made.

They also have home made baklava. It's run by a really nice family.

Not just your typical convenience store!!