Foods from Fishy's Tropical Grill


2011 Apr 16
I've been eating at this place when it was known as Tropical Garden. Fishy's is still run by the same fine folks and the food is excellent. I was there earlier today and picked up a small order of Oxtail and Jerk Chicken.

There were quite a few pieces of oxtail with quite a bit of meat on them, the sauce is amazing (spicy but not hot) and the rice and peas was moist and flavorful. It also came with some mix vegetables (lima bean, carrot, green bean, corn and peas) and a piece of plantain.

I was sad that Caribbean Flavours burnt down years ago because they had the best jerk chicken around. But now, no one in Ottawa can beat Fishy's Jerk Chicken. And I've tried almost every little place that I know of. The chicken is (and always has been) moist and the jerk is plenty enough hot. It came with the same sides as the Oxtail.

Both orders were steaming hot (heat) when I got them. I'm sad that most other restaurant cannot keep their food as hot.

It's a small little place with a few tables but it's BIG on taste.