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Foods from D'Arcy McGee's


2011 Apr 7
The previous poster is totally accurate.

I have eaten at that airport D'arcy's three or four times in the last two years and every. single. time. ...i had to hunt down the server for water and/or the bill.

My expectations for airport food are despairingly low, and with that qualifier the food here is acceptably mediocre for the limitted options available. Nothing was cold or outright bad, at least.

That said, if security allowed me to bring through a combo from the Harveys at check-in, i would cheerfully never eat here. Even the beer selection is weak.

2011 Apr 6
We stopped in last week before cathing a flight. The service was terrible, as was the food.

There were only about four other occupied tables, but our waitress disappeared after taking our order. Eventually a bartender came to deliver the food, but water refills and check-ins were non-existent, and we even had to track down our bill after the meal.

My husband had the sweet potato fries, which were cooked well but unseasoned. I had the steak sandwich and ceasar salad. The meat (literally) caused my fork to bend, and the salad was old bagged lettuce drenched in something remeniscent of Kraft dressing. It had a very unpleasant slimy texture.

We should have grabbed a Booster Juice instead.