Stone Soup Foodworks serves local and sustainable soups, salads and breads from a converted chip truck, soon to have solar power for electrical needs.

Stone Soup Foodworks
Stone Soup Foodworks
Stone Soup Foodworks
Stone Soup Foodworks
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2012 Aug 1
Best food truck in Ottawa so far, yummy taco with the freshest ingredients.

2012 Jul 10
Again, I caved for this food truck last week at jazz fest. I ate this last year, and my comment is below.

This truck seems promising, and the descriptions of their menu sound great, but Stone Soup ultimately falls short and is disappointing.

After a second year of trying Stone Soup's taco, I will not try it anymore.

Extremely dry meat (I had a beef and a chicken), with virtually no sauce or flavor. I asked for more salsa and she literally drizzled a few drops. I would say it was similar in amount as would come out of a Visine (eye drops) bottle.

Don't let the easy going - seemingly hippy - vibe of the truck fool you, I got an odd condescending response when I asked for more flavour.

I'm not sure why I recommended this truck last year. Maybe it was better then??

My comment echo's Andrea M.'s below.

9.50 for two taco's is also pretty crazy. That said, I did pay 5 dollars for like 7 individual french fries from the another stand at jazz fest, so as long as that is not the normal price for Stone Soups stuff, I can understand the inflated festival prices.

If this pop's up at bluesfest, I'd save your money.

2012 Jun 27
I tried their beef taco and bean taco at the jazz festival on Saturday. Could not detect any salsa or cheese in them (as was listed on the menu). When I asked about that the woman poked at it with her finger to try to show me it was underneath. Quite strange. Also, a whole lot of raw shredded red cabbage on top did nothing for me. I wish this business well as I like the basic concept, but my first encounter with it was disappointing.

2011 Jul 4
ilikerealfood I believe Stone Soup Foodworks was located at Ottawa U during the winter months last year. I think they will be located mostly at the festivals this summer - jazzfest, bluesfest, etc. I'm not sure if they will be returning to Ottawa U when the festival season is over.

2011 Jul 3
Tonight at Jazzfest, in between two of the best music sets I have ever seen (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and Jaga Jazzist) I picked up a light snack from Stone Soup Foodworks.

Their beef taco was really yummi. Expensive at $4.50 when you consider the fact that one can get a huge shawarma for the same price. That being said, the taco was not made with ground beef, it was shredded. It was topped with cilantro and cabbage. I think it could have used something more (sauce wise), but who am I to complain about a food truck. I mean, stone soup is light years ahead of any poutine truck.

I recommend trying it out if you get chance.

I heart bacon mentioned that it was on OttawaU campus. I have never seen it there, is that Stone Soup's normal spot?

2011 May 29
Since my last post I've finally eaten the 3L of frozen soup I bought. They were unlabelled and I can't find anything that matches up on their website so here's a short description given by a lady who ate these some time back and has a little baby.

-White bean was really good. Simple, hearty flavour

-Curried lentils (maybe red or yellow) Was tasty but I expected way more kick so ok but not spectacular

-Chickpeas and kale (? maybe, it was a green but not spinach). Also very good.

So to sum up, their soups seem to be better than their veg. chili.

2011 Apr 2
FF - I had it as well and found it tasted like tomato paste and hot sauce. A spicy smokey flavor could have been slow cooked in but it didn't seem that way. I bought three frozen soups to take home but haven't tried them yet. The customer service and the bread was awesome though and I hear good things about the other soups.

2011 Apr 1
I love that this place exists -- it's a beacon of hope for Ottawa's street vendor scene!

A coworker brought in a good portion of what he said was Stone Soup's vegetarian chili. Has anyone tried it? I found it to be generally bland, tasting only of tomato and something pungent (szechuan peppercorn??). It contained very few beans and the celery was still crunchy! I've had great vegetarian chilis in the past and they inevitably have lots of beans and have been cooked for a good long while. Can anyone please set me straight on this?

2011 Apr 1
Went here for some yummy soup today with my girlfriend and puppy! I had the french onion soup which was great! (Not too salty and the onions were soft but not mushy!) And my girlfriend had the Indian Spiced Carrot soup, which was a great blend of flavours with a bit of cilantro. It was a great place to stop for some local, organic soup. If you're ever on the U of O campus check it out!

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