This vendor no longer exists!


Heck's Confectionary is a little convenience store on the corner of Gloucester and O’Connor. Inside the store is a counter that serves fresh panini and a full hotplate of Indian food including: channa masala, samosas, saag paaneer, butter chicken, and a few others.

Heck's Confectionary
Foods from Heck's Confectionary


2016 Oct 25
This place is now closed. (There is a payday loan place where Heck's used to be.)

2011 Mar 31
A few months ago I remember seeing a sign outside of Heck’s Confectionary saying “fresh deli sandwiches”. I remember saying to myself and to those I was walking with, “who would ever eat a sandwich from that place?” Little did I know that Heck’s Confectionary serves some pretty tasty and affordable food. A few weeks ago I saw a mini-article in the Metro or 24 hours (I don’t remember which) which mentioned Heck’s confectionary, and how it’s a hidden gem.

On Monday decided to try it out. It’s a little confusing and cramped, seeing as though one side of the store is a deli counter and the other side a convenience store. In a glass display, there are 5 or 6 kinds of sandwiches. These are your standard Paninis like ham and cheese, grilled vegetable etc. They didn’t seem to adventurous. There was also a naan/tandoori chicken sandwich – which is what I had. The sandwich was pretty good. You can never go wrong with naan or tandoori, so I had nothing to complain about. The sandwich had a kind of sweet mayonnaise on it. My sandwich and the other ones I saw being prepared were placed in a panini press and grilled.

In addition to the pretty standard panins, Heck’s also serves Indian food! Score! The guy behind the counter was really nice and gave me a free sample of a few items from behind the counter. I tried the channa masala, saag paneer, and butter chicken. These were all very good. What I really liked about it was that it wasn’t toned down Indian food, all the dishes I tried were full flavoured and spicy. The guy working behind the desk assured me that everything was homemade.

With my naan sandwich I also had a spinach and tofo samosa. I’m not sure if the samosas are made in house, but it was very good nonetheless.

Although this is not my all time favourite place downtown, it is surprisingly good. The prices are reasonable, the owners (or employees) are really nice, and the food was far better than expected.