Foods from Lyna le Sushi


2011 Apr 2
i tried out this restaurant a few weeks ago.. on a weeknight. I LOVE sushi, and have tried out a lot of the good sushi places in the region, along with a few in Montréal that are just outstanding.

A friend had recommended this restaurant, so i was anxious to try out, especially since it's a very short drive from home.

Service was friendly, but unfortunately the food was nothing like the food advertized on their website. The website is actually nice, with nice pictures. The food was very average.

We choose a platter of 36 pieces (chef's choice). The chef didn`t seem very inspired as most of them had a lot of cucumber and not a whole lot of fish. In fact, that`s my major complaint. They were cheap on fish. Very cheap.

The salmon on the sashimi wasn`t the freshest as it didn`t melt in the mouth as it does when the salmon is fresh, and the slice was cut way too thin. Same for the shrimp sashimi.

If it was a fast-food sushi place, it would have been fine.. but since they advertize themselves as 'fine dining' (and charge fine-dining prices), then it was not worth the price.

When you go to a restaurant and while heading out you think about how much you paid, you know you`ve paid too much. If you think about how good the food was, then you know it was worth it. Unfortunately for us, that night, we were thinking about the price. In fact, i still am thinking about how much i paid for that food, weeks later.

Needless to say, i will be trying out some of the other sushi restaurants next time.