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Naked Fish Sushi
Naked Fish Sushi
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2014 Jun 18
I haven't had that many sushi rolls here, but my wife and I get the shrimp and salmon salad and the Half Moon Japanese wrap once a week. The salad, at $10, is a crazy good deal given its size (although it does shrink significantly when prepared for take-out.... ).
Also, the cashier remembers our particular requests (like extra Wafu sauce - *drool*) without prompting, which is nice as far as customer service goes.

2014 Apr 10
I'm surprised by the negative reviews I see here as I've always found the sushi excellent at Naked Fish. Fresh ingredients and something I really value with sushi; excellent presentation. Nothing just gets dumped on a plate, which may have something to do with the chefs being Japanese instead of the Chinese who seem to run many of th other 'Japanese' or Asian-style local restaurants. You just can't beat a restaurant that strives to do one thing really well.

2014 Apr 7
I'm not usually one to complain but this was easily the worst sushi I've ever had (saturday). With that being said, I'm sure it's hit and miss, but in my case the sushi and shrimp were incredibly dry, and they had more mayonnaise than any sushi rolls I've ever had. With that being said, it is takeout sushi so I may have just hit an off day!

2013 Feb 20
Choose your soup!

2013 Feb 20
After living in Westboro my whole life, I decided to try this place with my brother yesterday.
We just to live in Japan (we were very young), so these foods are very familiar to us.
The lady was very nice at the cash. They have this cool meal deal that was everything my brother wanted which was a Miso Soup, Beer, and Maki.
I ordered one of their Winter Soups and a Dynamite Roll. Definitely too much food for me, but I knew that going in.

I was really impressed. James' food came out nice and quick, it maybe took them 10 minutes to prepare the rolls and they stuck together and tasted amazing. Everything did taste fresh, although I couldn't see them prepare it as we were sitting in the window. I did see the beer taps! I thought that was nice.

Both the soups were good. Normally Miso Soup can be hit or miss, but it was flavourful and filling.
My soup was gigantic, I had skinny little vermicelli noodles and spicy tom yum broth. There was celery, tomatoes, and peppers in the soup which added a nice crunch.

Overall I liked it and will be returning, especially for lunch.
My biggest complaint would be, yes, the food is brought to you on cafeteria trays... Did that take away from the taste, no. Also, they brag about their website on everything, but when you visit nothing exists. At least not yet. :)

2012 Oct 23
but were they naked?

...wait, nevermind, i withdraw the question...

2012 Oct 22
just had a few rolls for dinner. I thought it was delicious!

2012 Oct 22
"...the chef wasn`t wearing anything..."

Naked Chef Sushi.

2012 Oct 21
"...the chef wasn`t wearing anything to protect his hands or the food."


2012 Oct 9
For being in the service industry for years, I really wasn`t all that impressed with this establishment. For those who have allergies to food be careful. especially if they are contact allergies that can occur from not properly cleansing cooking tools before re-using them. I`m also quite sure that while I was waiting for my few rolls that took almost an hour to make, the chef wasn`t wearing anything to protect his hands or the food. It took almost an hour to receive my rolls, which is ridiculous considering how much staff was working with the chef. Also I noticed that the cashiers are not only handling the cash but making some of the food. You might not see a problem with this, but they are often rushing back and forth from making food and dealing with customers. Money is quite possibly the dirtiest things to touch your hands. As for the cashiers serving, it wouldn`t be so bad if they didn`t look like they were awkwardly bringing you a lunch on a cafeteria tray. I`m almost POSITIVE anyone who has served for ANY time in their life would scoff at how these dishes are being placed on a cafeteria tray. It looked so difficult and bulky and just not at all fun to carry, especially since the plates are far too big for the tray itself. If I had to serve like that I would blow a gasket. Despite everything I had seen go on at this very deceiving place I ate my order and went on about my busy day. The rolls were mediocre at that. I am NOT a staff from a competing restaurant. I am from North Van. and have been working in restaurants across the country for years. Was in Ottawa for a few months visiting friends before flying on to Calgary (which if you actually want AMAAAAZING sushi, SHIKIJI has you covered. excellent, excellent food.) As for the regulars that go in, I`m sure you are only seeing what is meant for you to be seen for you to be impressed. For everyone who has been in the industry go for yourself and watch carefully. For those of you who have allergies to ANY of the ingredients there watch while everything is being made and ask how everything was made. For serious allergies this really isn`t any joke. i have posted this on yelp so people will actually consider to watch the preparation of their food, no matter where they are. I've also called the Ottawa food and health dept. and made a formal complaint.