Located on 1021 Cyrville Rd.
This is a Persian/Afghani restaurant.

Foods from Silk Road Kabob House


2013 Mar 13
I can second sourdough's comments. Stopped in for the first time today, and chose the combination shami (sp?) special - one ground chicken, one ground beef kabob. Reminiscent of kefta kabobs, but not the same seasoning.

The meats were both moist and nicely seasoned. Simple side salad, lots of rice/noodle pilaf, and some side flatbread, which was aromatically spiced - seeds of some sort which I couldn't identify. I didn't use the hot sauce. Everything was quite nummy, and prepared quickly - she said 15 minutes, and it was less than 10. Definitely going to be on the list for further lunches on this side of town.

2013 Feb 4
Silk Road has a second location in Kanata off Carling in the mall with the Wendy's. I was here for the first time last week. They have a nice lunch special which changes daily. On Thursday it was a beef kabob. I ordered it medium, and it came out with a nice pink center. Served with a bit of sauce, but was nicely flavoured on its own. The platter came with a simple salad (iceberg and tomatoes) and a large portion of rice. The special also comes with a pop. Great value, and very nice food. I'd highly recommend this for a lunch option. Note the restaurant was full - so go early.

2012 May 4
*People from Afghanistan are not 'Afghanis' but Afghans. 'Afghani' is a unit of Afghan currency. e.g. Afghans spend Afghanis.

2012 May 4
My neighbour was Afghani and she use to make rice and bring it over. And it is the best rice I have had to date.

2011 Nov 16
I tried it today after some recommendations from friends, and was very happy with the quality of the food and the interior setting [decoration]. They carry, by far, the best basmati rice I tried in my life [I am middle-eastern]. Based on @iheartsamo's comment, I am wondering if the reason their rice is different due to it being Afghani? Dishes I tried [with family] included: Mantu [small pockets of meet smothered in sauce and yogurt--good], Lamb [grilled with bone--v.good], and kabab [quite generic--v.good], and a side of eggplants [with spices, herbs, lots of garlic, and yogurt, sizzling hot--v. good], flat Afghani bread [EXCELLENT]. And I stress once again, their rice was a knockout.

During my visit, only one server was running the whole show. So the service was very slow, but still the server was courteous in a way that did not make me feel impatient or upset. Once our order was in, the food was quick to arrive.

I enjoyed the food and will be back for more.

2011 Feb 7
Went here on Saturday with a bunch of friends. I was pleasantly surprised and everyone loved their food.

Menu is basically based around the kabob platters..there is a lot kinds of stuff, including tikka kabob(which i had) and lamb tikka kabob(which some friends had), some nice side orders like (samosas) and Meat Qorma(kinda like indian korma). They have soups and salads(if you don't get platter). They have a kids menu. And they have vegiterian options.

I had the tikka kabob(this came with afghani rice) which I've had before(had a neighbour that use to make it for me), a salad(seem to be pretty conventional,ceasar dressing i think), some sauce on the side which was somewhat spicy.

The tikka kabob was very soft, nice taste..and my friends said the lamb was also really soft and good. The rice is really nice.(simple but good) I've had afghani rice before and it compares to that. They don't serve alcoholic beverages here so I had a coke. Bill came to about $15.00.

I'd suggest this place. I'm definetley going to go back because they have some great side orders, desserts, and things I would want to try based on this experience.

I have to say that the servers were really nice too.