Located in Hampton Park Plaza Misto Food Emporium specializes in Italian delicacies. They offer an assortment of cheeses, deli meats, fresh pasta and sauces as well as an assortment of olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Foods from Misto Food Emporium

2016 May 23
This Italian sandwich shop is right up there with any of the other guys (Nicastro, DiRienzo's..)-- walk up to the counter, pick a meat (or two), pick a bread, pick a cheese, and load up on toppings for $6. Save half the sandwich for another meal if you like.

The bread really stood out, fresh and soft/crusty in the right places, which isn't something that tends to happen at any of the other places for me-- don't know if I just got lucky or this is the norm.

All their other prepared meals and products also looked delicious, and service was very friendly.

It's a little hidden away in the Hampton Park Plaza-- tucked next door to the LCBO that corners with the food basics.

2013 Mar 4
You wanna go Saturday morning and get some cannoli, and large Sicilian (thick dough) pizza slices with only tomato sauce, go home and put some cheese and salami and heat it for lunch.

Have an espresso, too.

2011 Aug 16
Very nice store owned and operated by a friendly family that appears to be an older Italian couple and their middle-aged son.

Stopped by last week to take a peek while waiting on a Domino's pizza. Picked up an uncooked meat lasagna for next day's lunch, (a steal at $6.99), and some delicious Italian cookies brand name Guioa, brittle dumpling shaped cookies with natural lemon flavour filling, 350g for $2.99. (anytime I can have sophisticated imported cookies at less than a penny a gram, that's value).

The store has tons of stuff, all presented and looking very good and well-priced. Every day till 3pm, there is a small kitchen in the back for hot lunches, pasta, sandwiches, etc. They also make espresso, cappucino, etc all day. I'd like to drop by for lunch sometime.

They've got a whole array of salad dressings and sauces, balsamic vinegars and oils.

San Pellegrino, Orangina, Brio Chinotto and other Italian drinks abound.

Too bad I didn't have more time to explore. But I will be back.


2013 Feb 22
Offers a wide variety of gluten-free pastas, uncooked. And RTU gluten-free lasagna and sometimes baked ziti and bolognese... buy, take home and reheat


2013 Feb 22
now sells Beking Farms eggs