The Nomad Chef is an Ottawa-based company with a niche for affordable, healthy, gourmet catering. We specialize in canapés, private parties and family dinners.

We pride ourselves in being the only local catering company that allows its clients to name their own prices. We simply believe that gourmet food should be both affordable and healthy. Whatever your budget is, we will rise to the challenge of providing the most unforgettable culinary experience you can afford.

Our guarantee is that we will only cook fresh produce that is in season for the most amazing taste and flavor.

We also offer family dinners starting from $10; visit our website for this week's menu choices of warming soups, stews and one-pot meals.

Foods from The Nomad Chef

2011 Oct 20
I consider myself rather lucky to pass by the house of The Nomad Chef every day; it's adjacent to the dog park that we frequent and there are always wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen that entice both the dogs and the humans.

The Nomad Chef sells soups/stews in the winter and sauces/barbecue rubs in the summer from his home. We bought two of his soups, which change weekly, and were pleased with the results of both.

The Beluga Lentil soup is hearty (and does not contain beluga, rest assured). It's a little bit spicy and went perfectly with the grilled cheese sandwiches we made.

The broccoli and cheese soup doesn't contain cream. This is a big deal for me, because I hate when thick soups are nothing but a mess of cream and salt. This is the opposite of that. It's ingredients are broccoli, vegetable stock, potatoes (to thicken), cheddar cheese. So simple and yet so delicious.

ETA: Itchy Feet asked me about what hours he keeps. It's a home based business, and I believe that he is there from 5-9pm, which makes for an easy stop-off on the way home. He also has a mailing list, which you can sign up for, to be notified of the weekly soups (of which there are usually 3-4.)

The soups come frozen, and are $10 for what I would venture to be about 750mL to 1L. We were so impressed with the value/quality that we'll end up buying a few times a month.