Foods from David's Tea


2011 Feb 23
David’s Tea has a huge selection of teas. They range in price from $4.50 to $40.00, all of the tea is priced if you buy 50grams (enough for about 25 cups.) Before buying any of the teas you get to smell them. They smell great and the amazing thing is that they taste almost the same as they smell. I got three teas – Long Life Oolong, Chocolate Chili Chai and Zing Me Tea. My favourite is the Long Life Oolong, it has hints of peach and almond. The Chocolate Chili Chai is also delicious, more of a dessert tea.

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2010 Dec 6
Just a note to say that the Bank Street location is now open. (It's in the Glebe between Third ave. and Fourth ave.) I passed by yesterday and did a double take since I hadn't noticed a tea store there during my last trip to the Glebe a couple of weeks ago. I passed by near closing so I didn't go in. I will clearly have to go back to the Glebe soon to check this place out-;)

2010 Dec 6
I'd be hesitant to include "Afternoon Tea" as one of the items associated with this vendor as (at this point), the Westboro location doesn't serve food. Their hours are also not posted, and according to the manager, they're being ironed out.

That said, I thought I'd give my two cents about the drinks/service at David's. The staff is knowledgeable about their products, as much as any other coffee shop or tea store employee in this city. The service is friendly, if a bit on the slow side. The tea? It's fine. I don't get the trend of crazily flavoured teas, but that's just me. For example, the first tea I tried was a pumpkin-creme-chai. That, to me, is a complicated drink and tea isn't meant to be complicated.

What really gets me is the pricing: As near as I can tell, they only offer one size and it's about $3 a cup.

My understanding, though, is that David's is set to open another 200 locations in Canada before 2011 is over. So, perhaps it's best to welcome our new tea overlords.