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2011 Mar 4
On Thursday I had lunch with a friend at L'esplanade. I'm not the biggest fan of this food court ever since the Polish placed closed, and I think the lebanese place at this joint (Al Pacino) isn't very good.

At the suggestion of a friend, I complied and agreed to find something at L'esplanade. So I went for the greek place.

I wanted something healthy and cheep. As I was standing in line I saw this amazing looking greek salad behind the counter - dakos salad I believe it was called. For 6.50 I got this salad with a skewer of souvlaki. First of all, the souvlaki wasn't good at all. Very,very dry and it had a funny taste, almost like it was cooked over lighter fluid or something.. The tzatziki sauce that it came with was not memorable either.

The salad however, was really delicious. It had all sorts of ingredients. Of note, there was a a hefty dose of oregano, cauliflower, red cabbage, different kinds of lettuce, broccolini, cucumbers, tomatoes etc etc. See picture. It was really good. The only unfortunate thing was that it was a skimpy portion. It looks like quite a bit on the picture, but the plate was very shallow, and essentially, the lady filled my plate just to cover the bottom. For about the same price I can get an amazing salad at goonies which is more than I can eat.

One thing I learned, is that i really like Dakos salad. I found a recipe on the internet, and I will copy it. Will I go to this place again, probably not. Not great value and terrible chicken.

The potential is there, but it's not worth my money.