Take out Chinese located on Springfield Rd. just down from Second Cup.

Foods from Golden Star


2010 Nov 14
Some take out Chinese was in order and I usually like to check out new places. I didn't know much about this place but generally pass by in on my way to Metro on Beechwood.

Definately Chinese-Canadian, which is not necessarily a bad thing, if done well. This place was very hit and miss.

The spring rolls and eggrolls were both very good, meaty and worth the price.

The Shanghai Noodles were extremely spicy but looked good with a fair amount of shrimp and pork. My boyfriend liked them but he confirmed that they were very spicy and I could see a lot of red chili flakes in them.

Contrary to the taboo of Choy suey being "leftovers", I like it. I like the mixture of Chinese vegetables with a bit of gravy type sauce. The shrimp version I had was OK. Not bad but not great. It was almost entirely bean sprouts. The gravy-sauce was on the side and contained mushrooms which may have been canned mushrooms. Reasonably tasty with large, but few shrimp.

The white trash in me felt like sweet and sour pork balls and butterfly shrimp- both totally unhealthy and not authentic but again, they can still be tasty.

Neither of these were great- The butterfly shrimp were tiny bits of shrimp in huge amounts of batter for nearly $12. I wasn't impressed.

The sweet and sour pork balls seemed as though they were made ahead of time and soaked in sauce to bring them back to life and to appear not dried out. The meat inside was undefinable- they could have been chicken or pork. Whatever it was, the meat was extremely dried out.

They threw in a free chicken fried rice which was decent. I never order fried rice- I usually make fried rice from the white rice that is thrown in with the order. I think it is a crime to pay for fried rice.

For $50 and change, I was disappointed with this place and wouldn't bother with it again.

The service itself was kind of strange- An asian lady and caucasian man appeared to be cooking and running the front. They were polite but appeared to be overwhelmed and unable to take care of the customers at the front.