Foods from Crystal Pizza

2010 Oct 30
This is my neighbourhood pizza joint, so I've tried it a few times. They aren't very busy (even on a Friday night) so they cook your pie in record time.

The most unique thing about Crystal pizza is that the crust is noticeably saltier than other pizze in town. Depending on your tastes that might be a good thing or a bad thing. The cheese blend is very tasty and the toppings are of good quality.

Long, complicated story ahead! ;-)
I tried to order 2-topping twin pizze, but with all 4 toppings on one and none on the other. The employee said that the owner says 2-topping means "up to 2 toppings on each". Even though my request wouldn't have consumed any more ingredients than the default, I understand their reluctance to handle special orders in the interest of production efficiency. However, I was the only customer there, and by all appearances mine were the only pies they were cooking at the time. There was also a bit of a language/communication problem, but they understood my viewpoint and when I ordered 2-toppings on one and none on the other, they ended up just charging me for 1-topping twins. I can't decide whether the whole experience was a win or a fail! LOL

The employees have told me that the toppings are less generous with the Twins deals. I suspect this is the case at most pizzerias anyway.

Anyway, the pizza is nice in rotation with our other standbys. I'll be back!