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Foods from Brown Loaf Bakery

2010 Nov 7
While I don't agree with RestoCop's spamming of vendor pages of those who have recently failed inspection, that Brown Loaf had failed five inspections in two months was a bit disconcerting.

I took a look and sure enough, they have been closed temporarily, which is probably worth noting.

That said, I didn't see anything that was terribly suspicious when I went back in September.

2010 Nov 6
Since Aug 23, 2010 failed FIVE City of Ottawa restaurant inspections: CRITICAL Non Compliance.

www.ottawa.ca then
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2010 Sep 14
Stumbled into this bakery this morning on my way to a meeting at the Museum of Nature. They have a good selection of bread and sweets, but what really got me were their savory rolls. They were rolled like a cinnamon bun, but had bits of yummy goodness tucked in the layers. I chose a bacon one and was delighted when I found bits of fresh, crisp bacon, alongside some sesame seeds and salt, inside a tasty pretzel-like dough.

The service is friendly-enough, but it's self-serve, styled after some bakeries I've seen in Germany, where you take a tray for your breads, cafeteria style.

I'll be back when I'm near the area.