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Foods from Giggling Jerks


2010 Dec 13
Had dinner last Friday night. They central heating was not working and there were a few (not enough) space heaters around the tables - it was very cold. There was an impressive draft from the frame for a wall mounted air conditioner (the air conditioner was missing). I do not know why it was not plugged.

The decor is modest at best, colonial style wood chairs and tables from the 1980's. Industrial white plates like you will find in a cafeteria.

We started with the jalapeno poppers, deep fried breaded jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, which I am sure is a frozen prepared product. It was served with a very spicy red sauce, but that really did not save it.

My wife had the bbq ribs, which were very tender but very greasy and tasteless. I did better with the Jerk chicken which came with a full breast and a leg with thigh attached. The leg-thigh was relatively warm, juicy and was decently seasoned. The breast was lukewarm, over cooked and dry.

Both dishes were accompanied by a flavoured rice (cumin if I remember properly) which if it was not served at room temperature, probably would have been quite nice.

The staff was in a university tavern style, casual, not really professional but friendly.

I live in the neighbourhood and was hoping to have a good casual restaurant nearby. Unfortunately my wait is not over.

2010 Sep 18
I've been here a few times. The jerk is quite good, but they've yet to make it hot enough for me. I think next time I'll ask for XXXXXXXXXXX hot! I had the burger and fries once. The patty was very small, and the fries had obviously been deep fried in the same oil as the fritters, so they were a little off. Which reminds me, the cod fritters are excellent. I really liked their pepper pot soup, though it could have been hotter too. Maybe they need to provide me with some Grace Hot sauce, oh and a Ting would be nice too! Friendly staff, and a decent renovation to that old building.

I hope they get their license soon, I need a Red Stripe with my jerk!

2010 Sep 14
This is a new restaurant, but the food is great and the staff are friendly and helpful. I had the Jerk Burger (there is a choice of hamburger or grilled chicken breast). It was delicious, as were the fries and the caesar salad (homemade dressing and real bacon). I will definitely be going back.