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Foods from Papa Ricco's


2010 Sep 7
I ordered 30 of their wings yesterday, the mild ones.

Delivery time was about 30 minutes.

I really enjoyed these wings. A good size, meaty, sauce was plentiful.

Thing is, they charge by the wing, $0.60 per wing, minimum 10 wings. It's one of the cheapest I've seen for delivery.

I got a small fry as well and they were the typical pizza place thick cut fries. Went perfect with the wings.

I used the new just-eat service and it was seamless, worked well.

Short of actually going out to a "Wing Night" somewhere, these are hard to beat for the price.


2010 Sep 10
I ordered a large Pepperoni pizza. Came up to $23 after everything.

Delivery time was disappointing, about 50 minutes. Although it was close to the time Just-Eat gave me (they said 45 minutes).

First off, I was disappointed when I opened the box. It was the right size and had pepperoni. But the picture on the menu had the typical small circles of pepperoni on top of the cheese. This pizza had the bigger pepperoni under the cheese.

Maybe not a big thing to some if not most people, but it did hit me.

But that's where the negatives end. The pizza was delicous. Much better than that pizza I got from Milano's see my review here:

The cheese was gooey, not a "sheet" of cheese, the pepperoni had a nice flavor to it.

The dough was a nice thickness, the crust (I ordered thick crust) was one of the best I've had. Way better than the aforementioned Milano's and Pizza Pizza.

I've got most of it in the fridge for tomorrow. I love having cold pizza for breakfast and whatever other meals I can stretch it out to.

I'll definitely be ordering from here again.