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2018 May 31
Situated in the heart of Little Italy, this cute little shop is a good place to grab gelato if you're in the area.

I'm not sure if there was something wrong with the refrigeration that day but unfortunately for us, the gelato was melting right out of the case. Coupled with the hot weather that day and the lack of air conditioning, it made for a pretty messy affair.

I didn't find the flavours too exciting - I got Hazelnut and Skor. However, what really stood out to me here was the generosity and service. I appreciated that when I was struggling to decide between two flavours, the staff member quickly offered, without me asking, to give me both flavours. As well, while many gelato places I've been to often give you a tiny cupful, Gelatini Gelato offered a generous over-the-top helping.

While it may not have been the best I've ever had, it's a good bang for your buck and is worth visiting if you're in the area and are craving gelato.

2015 Oct 9
My most recent visit a couple of weeks ago was amazing. I was thrilled with my combination of Pumpkin Pie gelato and Vanilla gelato. Tasted like pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

2015 Aug 2
Went here today for the first time. We usually go to Truffle Treasures as it is in our neighbourhood but I enjoyed this Gelato much more than the last few times I have had it at TT. We will be stopping be here again for our Gelato fix.

2012 Jul 18
I've been here 3 times now. The first visit I had lemon gelato - very nice mix of tart & sweet. Extremely refreshing on a hot day. The second visit I had a combination of fruit flavours. I can't remember the specific details, but all were good, light and lively tasting. Last night I tried a combination of oreo, nut caramel cluster & smores. Again, all were good, but the nut caramel cluster was the strongest tasting.

They offer a dozen or so flavours. A large cup - with as many flavours as you like is $5. I asked jokingly if I could have a large with all the flavours and they said yes (I didn't do it).

I wouldn't say this is my favourite gelato place in Ottawa, but it is a great addition to Preston st. Eating gelato, sitting outside and people watching at night is a lot of fun. I wish they had a bigger, brighter, more welcoming sign. As it is, you won't notice it driving past, but will see it while you are walking.

The webpage hasn't been updated, but news can be found on their facebook page:

2011 Aug 8
Excellent new Gelato place on Preston - a little hidden and hard to see the sign. We've been back twice now to enjoy the homemade gelato. I enjoyed a dairy-free blueberry gelato which was surprisingly good, and very fresh. I also had the raspberry gelato. My husband is more adventurous and tried some unique and tasty combinations (though I can't remember which ones). I would have liked a dark and rich chocolate variety, but I'm sure next time there will be some other new flavour!

The friendly owner clearly cares about the quality of her product and focuses on using fresh and natural ingredients. I would certainly recommend it.

2010 Aug 17
Stumbled upon a new gelato store Saturday evening on Preston street. Excellent homemade gelato I had the chocolate and the raspberry cream flavours. Texture was very smooth and creamy, flavours are made daily from fresh fruits and nuts - learned via a brief discussion with the friendly owner. Chocolate was excellent definitely would recommend and the raspberry was refreshing. Hubby had toffee and coconut sounds like an odd combination but it actually worked really well. Price was reasonable as well small cup with two flavours $3.50.

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2015 Jul 29
I visited for my second time and again thoroughly enjoyed the gelato. Between this place and Stella Luna Gelato Café, Ottawa has some really great gelati!

In this photo are my Chocolate Hazelnut and Coconut scoops. The heavily loaded small cup is $4. Tip for next time: the Vanilla gelato there is over the top incredible. Must have this soon!!