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2017 Jul 14
Namaste had been my go-to Indian place, but it has gone downhill. Had carry-out, and the dishes were mainly sauce, which was not all that good. The muligitawny soup was a crime against humanity: basically Lipton's chicken noodle soup, minus the chicken and the noodles. To be avoid henceforth.

2013 Jun 8
Went with my niece to Namaste for dinner Friday night.

When you arrive, they quickly bring some Papadum. These are tasty with cumin in them. They would have been even better with some chutney maybe mango ones.

We ordered an order of samosas to share and my niece ordered chicken pasanda and I ordered lamb saag gosht. I did not realize that she does not eat lamb i.e. baby animals.. We also ordered naan and chapatti.

The samosas came out fairly quickly and are decent ones, but not the best I have had.

My niece liked her chicken pasanda but it was milder than she was expecting. I think this is one of her first experiences with paneer. The psanda sauce was flavourful and the chicken was tender so she was happy with that and the naan.

I ordered the chapati since they were whole wheat. They were your basic chapatis so the naan was better choice. The lamb is not as tender as I preferred but the sauce was flavourful. I guess the spices are fresh but they missed a large chilli pepper about 3 inches long and I bite into a whole clove.

One comment is that we waited a long time for our main courses and some people who came after us got their food first, maybe they skipped the appetizers.

At the end they came with some complementary fruit, 2 pieces of cantaloupe and 2 pieces of pineapple.

There is a slight price increase over some of their website prices but still very reasonable for a fairly solid meal out although Namaste was not the same level as my favourite Indian in London or NYC but both cities have a far larger Indian population.

2013 Mar 18
Had carry-out from Namaste on Bank at Riverdale tonight: Chicken Dhansak (sweet and creamy--I added a little lemon juice to balance it) and Lamb Ceylon Curry (very spicy, with buckets of chili and coconut). Portions were very generous--about 3 cups each, with lots of meat. Naan was fresh and delicious. They threw in some tasty kheer and papadams for free.

Quality of the food was pretty exceptional--certainly made from scratch as opposed to from commercial curry pastes that many restaurants use. My new favourite Indian place in town!

2012 Dec 21
Typically curries and other braised dishes are prepared in advance and then reheated or finished on the stove when ordered.
Although that doesn't explain why it took so long or why it didn't taste fresh (braised dishes usually taste better after they've had a chance to sit.)

2012 Dec 15
Went here with a friend about 7-10 days ago.

We ordered butter chicken and korma and shared it. (and of course naan)

It is hard for me not to enjoy butter chicken and korma. In that sense, Namaste did not dissapoint. The butter chicken was solid enough too.

2 concerns though...the food did take a long time to come out and we were the first ones there. Second, despite taking so long, it seemed it could have been re-heated (so i can't vouch for freshness) and it was on the oily side. Usually I can eat oily stuff without feeling the affects later on but this one got to me a bit.

2011 Mar 27
Our training group had lunch here on Saturday, and it was fabulous. The lunch buffer was $10.99 per person, and it included everything you would expect - samosas, naan, pulao, butter chicken,lamb dhansak, saag paneer, tandoori chicken, chana masala, etc.

Everything I had was delicious, especially the dhansak (a personal favourite) and the butter chicken (not sweet and made with tandoori chicken, white meat only).

They had no trouble accommodating about a dozen people, the food was plentiful and varied, and nothing was heavy or greasy.

The owners were there, and they were friendly and charming.

Definitely going back!

2010 Aug 18
Tonight I had some "Indian food in a diaper" as me and my sister like to call it. (Reference from movie Anchor Man).

The one thing I like about Indian food is how cozy it can be. There are all sorts of great combinations of "mush" (as me and my sister like to call it) to try.

It's a great way to have loads of vegetables, but I am not sure how "low fat" the dishes are with all that butter and coconutty goodness!

There is a new place on Bank street that recently opened Namaste, and I wanted to check it out.

We had a great time with the girls, laughing our heads off in this intimate, yet tacky place. We got great service and stuffed our faces! And the entire bill was $67 for 4 people. What a great deal!

Here are some pictures of what we ordered. I can't remember the names, I should have written them down.

Today was definitely a sharing day! We ordered a bunch of dishes and had a bit of everything. That's really the best way to try all the "mushes".

We were brought some of these lentil chips, they were very light, tasty and crispy.
The waiter also brought us complementary appetizers, "they are basically veggie burgers" one of the gals said at our table. Some kind of curry fried onion cabbage ball! There was a nice sweet sauce that came with it too.

We ordered rice, NAN bread (mmmm so fresh), curried vegetables, eggplant, butter chicken, and a spicy shrimp dish.

To finish our meal, we were served a lovely cup of fresh fruits in a bowl.. complementary!

I have to say, it's really nice going somewhere and being given free stuff. It just makes your experience that much more enjoyable. I wonder if this was his strategy... am I that obvious when taking pictures?

I should mention that you have to be in great company when you are blogging about your meal in a restaurant... not everyone will wait for you to take a picture before you dig in!

No one is going to want to eat out with me anymore, if I keep this up.

"Wait- don't touch it, let me take a picture... for my blog!"- Me

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