The Collection and Bar 56
Foods from The Collection and Bar 56

2011 Feb 17
I've tried a few things on Collection's food menu including the perogies, sandwich, pizza and artichoke dip. By far, the best is the pizza.

Pizza (pictured): Cheese, bacon, serbian spices, parmesan, chili flakes and sour cream. ($4)
Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon ($3)
Review: You can't do better in terms of price for a beer and pizza for $7. The pizza tastes really good, and it's far more filling than a slice. There is a decent amount of cheese and toppings and the service is great.

I'm not positive but I think the $4 pizza and $3 Pabst is only available on Wednesdays. Considering everything else in the ByWard Market is closed after 9PM (except McDonald's and shawarma), this is a solid alternative if you're hungry.


2007 Sep 25
My girlfriend loves the Cosmos here. Great martini list for the adventurous drinker (love the drink names!)

Hip decor, cozy atmosphere, and great music most nights.