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2011 Mar 27
I stopped in for lunch this past Friday when I was in the neighbourhood for training.

Our group of three was greeted warmly, and when we explained we were on a bit of a schedule, we were assured that time would not be a problem.

The lunch menu has something for everyone - soups, salads, a risotto of the day, a burger, etc. I was leaning toward the burger until the server informed us that the daily "risotto" was actually a pappardelle with pulled elk, mushrooms, wilted greens, and smoked cheddar cheese. Sold! Two of us had the special, and one had the soup (beet apple?) and an endive salad, which both looked delicious.

As promised the food did not take long, and it was stellar. Truly. The pasta was al dente, the elk was juicy and tender, and the cheese was shredded on a microplane, so it was really just an essence in the dish. There was an earthy undertone of thyme that went perfectly with the meat and mushrooms, and rather than a "sauce" it was in more of a light broth. There was nothing I would have changed, and the serving size for lunch was perfect. $18 plus tax and tip.

Can't wait to go back!!

2011 Mar 11
Maybe the fact that I had just returned from an outstanding charcuterie joint during a trip to Vancouver - Salt - put Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar at an unfair disadvantage. After all, I could only compare them with the experience most fresh in my memory, which was flawless. Taylor's really missed the mark for me and I don't think I will go back.

For me, the magic in charcuterie lies in the art of not only pairing each meat and cheese to its condiment but as well as to each other, and to the accompanying wine or beverage of choice. It's a real delight for all the senses - not just the tastebuds - when it is done well, sometimes with unexpected flavours and textures. I was missing that experience when I decided to drop in today and was sorely disappointed.

I ordered an appetizer-size platter of the Ploughman's Lunch, which included beet chutney and caramelized onions as condiments, smoked trout, elk salami, chicken liver pate and Riopelle cheese. I didn't think that was the best marriage of ingredients and certainly the smoked trout was a definite odd man out. The bread provided was very hard in consistency, like a cracker, and some variation in textures and flavours would have been appreciated. I left the trout almost untouched and the waiter asked me if I enjoyed it. When I told him that it really didn't go with the other items, he exclaimed, "Really?! Wow...Thanks for your honesty, I guess", and took it away.

He didn't offer to replace it with anything else. He also never offered me anything to drink, didn't bring a wine menu and never refilled my water glass. He did not check on me to see how the food was after he brought either my appetizer or the main course. The restaurant was not full at the time, but it took him 20 minutes to approach my table after I was seated.

The main course was a very nice black cod on a bed of lentils and more of that beet chutney that had already made its appearance on the charcuterie board. The cod was very nice, but again I don't think the lentils and beet chutney were the best accompaniments.

I didn't feel like staying for dessert. I paid with cash and waited to get change, but after he took forever to come back and mumbled something about having to go across the street to change a $10 bill (very odd, I thought), I decided not to wait any longer, leaving an exorbitant tip behind that in no way reflected how I felt about the food or the service.

If you're in the area, it's best to walk about 7 minutes across the bridge into the Glebe and visit the Fourth Avenue Wine Bar. Great service and much better food - including charcuterie and an outstanding wine list. Sometimes it's best to stick to what you know.

2011 Jan 7
On a recommendation, went here for the burger for lunch today. The Burger was well prepared (appeared to be hand chopped beef) on an Art-is-in bun with delicious sweet/sour homemade ketchup and bacon. It was served with delicious pan fried fingerling potatoes and spinach salad. The server brought a tray of fresh bread with a light and tasty blackberry emulsion to start. Contrary to other reports, we found the service to be relaxed and friendly. I enjoyed sitting at the tall table where we could watch the chef at work, and he chatted with us amiably throughout the meal. The fish special of the day was pan seared trout and it did look quite appetizing. We will definitely be back

2010 Oct 6
Johanna, you are not the only one.

I found the charcuterie board too expensive for what we got. Of course, it could just not be my thing as well.

2010 Oct 6
Went to Taylor's for the second time on Monday evening, and once again for a drink and bite rather than a full blown meal. Because of this, maybe I'm not qualified to comment, but Taylor's strikes me as somewhat overpriced for what you get. That said, the food and atmosphere is among the best in the city.

But the pricing... is it just me that balks at paying $9 for a cup of soup? That was cup, not bowl, although the presentation should have been photographed as the rim of the "bowl" had more surface area than the "bowl" itself. In the end my absolutely incredible red pepper bisque wouldn't have filled more than a medium Tim Horton's cup... and I'm being generous.

Ditto for dessert: an absolutely mouthwatering piece of ginger cake drenched in maple syrup and topped dulce de leche and a baby (ie. newborn preemie) scoop of vanilla ice cream, but at $10 I expect it to be enough for me to share with my husband, not for the two of us to fight over and then relent by ordering a second dessert: the chevre panna cotta which was, once again, jaw droppingly good but could easily have fit into 3 soup spoons. Again, another $10.

Based on my experiences at the Murray St Resto, this seems to be the trend, near perfectly executed "small plates" that are almost ridiculously small for the prices they are charging. In both places I ordered and enjoyed the charcuterie, but once again found the quantity to be almost laughable vis-a-vis the prices charged. That said, I make my own rillettes and terrines at home (and buy my meats from local farms) so again, my idea of good value is likely not the standard.

2010 Sep 26
After three consistently appetizing dinners at Taylor’s, we decided to stop in for brunch yesterday on a whim. They didn’t seem to be quite as busy for brunch (each time we went for dinner reservations were a must), and we had our choice of tables.

The brunch menu had about six or seven items (along with the usual charcuterie selection), each leaving my mouth watering. I gave in to my carb craving and ordered the french toast with blueberry compote and my boyfriend had the eggs benedict, which was served over fishcakes. Both were absolutely delicious and we both ending up eating a good portion of each other’s dishes.

Brunch prices were decent, equivalent to many of the popular brunch destinations around the city. Business started picking up as we were leaving, around 12:30, so I’d say go early if you don’t have a reservation. Can’t wait to go back!

2010 Sep 12
I had dinner last night at Taylor's and I was pretty happy with our dining experience. The food was very good but the service was a little lacking. I had heard great reviews from my boss and I was very excited to check out the new place for myself.

We had made a reservation and, when we showed up, we were seated at the chef's table. However, this table was to be shared with another deuce and I'm usually one to enjoy privacy at a restaurant. Nonetheless, we were happy to be able to watch the cooks all night. But about 45 seconds after we sat down, another server came over, told us there had been a mix-up and we were seated on the opposite side of the room. About halfway into our meal, another couple sat down next to us and, about a minute later, they were also moved to another table due to mix-up. This wasn't a huge problem for me but, they probably should organize themselves a bit better so that the whole front-of-house staff is on the same page. Customers don't really like to be moved around like that.

I had heard that the charcuterie boards were good so we decided on a '6 piece board' for an appetizer. Everything was very tasty, except for the fact that it took about 25 minutes for us to receive it. I understand that these type of things take a little time for the kitchen to prepare but, if someone orders a board for an appetizer, you'd think the kitchen would want to 'crank' it out as fast as possible. Just like any other appetizer. Once we were done, it took about another 5 to 10 minutes for the plate to be removed from the table.

Our main dishes didn't take quite as long and we were very happy with what we ate. My date ordered the pork chop and I ordered the Bavette steak. My steak was supposed to be medium-rare (it was more like rare; luckily I can also enjoy my meat a bit bloody). My steak came with a smoked tomato chutney which I absolutely loved! The seasonal vegetables on both our dishes were delicious and seasoned well. (They were a bit heavy on the pepper but that's the way we both like it!)

My date decided to order a glass of red with his pork chop. When he went to order it, our server surprised us in recommending a different glass of wine which he thought would go a lot nicer with the pork. I thought it was a nice surprise because you don't usually get a wine pairing recommendation unless you ask for it.

We were hesistant about dessert but ordered some anyway. My date ordered an espresso (which he said was great) and a trio of Pascale's ice cream. We absolutely loved the Honey Lavender. I felt like being a bit daring so I ordered the chevre & thyme panna cotta. I thought it was fantastic. It was served in 3 little rounds with some blueberry compote on top. I thought they looked like little scallops - very cute! It was also served with Pascale's Blueberry sorbet, which was nice but the whole plate had a bit of 'overkill' on the blueberry.

(We also overheard a table next to us ask the server whether they could buy Pascale's ice cream somewhere in the neighborhood. I happen to know that they sell it by the half liters at Life of Pie, which is 2 doors down from Taylor's.)

The whole night, our server seemed a little uncomfortable (he could've been new at the job) and he could've been a little more attentive. To me, a good server is one who returns to the table frequently to be certain the customers are fully enjoying their meal. This did not happen very much last night. Also, there was several times when my date was left for a while with two empty glasses (both wine and water) sitting in front of him. In my opinion, the customer should not have to ask for a water refill - it should be automatic.

I would definitely recommend this little place and I'd love to go for lunch some time.

2010 Aug 18
Today I went to lunch at Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar, located at 1091 Bank Street at Sunnyside in Old Ottawa South.

Fresh! Flavourful! Fantastic! Fine! Filling!

I really regret that it took me so long to make it there to see what owners, John and Sylvia Taylor were up to with their second restaurant. The first being Domus Café, found in the Byward Market.

John Taylor is known for his passion for fresh, seasonal, local produce. And that passion came through loud and clear at Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar today. It appears he has also made a great choice in having John Svasz on board in the kitchen. It is always a bit of a coup when ever single dish brought to a dining table is a stand out.

I decided to go for the soup of the day ($7) which was a chilled yellow bean with CPCO (cold press canola oil), basil oil and cider reduction.

I then followed with the Genuine Tomato Salad ($12). Blue cheese, lardon, buttermilk dressing and Crazy Dave's Greens.

Gal pal #1 went for the small, 4-item ($20) charcuterie & cheese board. She picked:

* Duck and Foie Gras Rillettes
* Elk Ranch Salami
* Counting Sheep, sheep's milk cheese, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, Prince Edward County, Ontario
* Wild BC House-Smoked Albacore tuna

It was accompanied by chutney's and rings of fresh zucchini.

Gal pal #2 had the Risotto ($18). Chanterelles, house-smoked bacon, peaches and cream corn, and parmesan. I tasted her risotto and it was eye-ball rolling. Just the right doneness and the flavours were deep. The richness of the broth came through. The texture was more moist than creamy. I really liked that about this dish preparation.

We started our meal with a plentiful bowl of fresh bread. Our drinks were white wine spritzers ($8).

The lunch portions were ample and no one had room for dessert.

The location of this new restaurant is in the old Second Cup at Sunnyside and Bank. So the footprint is small. But it is the perfect size to create the intimacy you would expect of a wine bar serving food. The setting is less dressy than Domus Café. No linen table cloth. Just the solid wood table top. No linen napkins. But a classy imitation paper version.

The service was pleasant, prompt, informative and attentive.

Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar
1091 Bank Street at Sunnyside in Old Ottawa South
(website coming soon)

Lunch 11:30 am - 2 pm
Dinner: 5 pm

If you are interested in reading more or seeing pictures you can check out my blog post:

2010 Aug 18
I had the chance to try out Taylor's on their first few weeks of openning. Luckly I work right around the corner. I was so excited to see what was going to replace the Second Cup with that trademark brick mural. Glad to see they didn't paint over it :)Anyhow, let's talk about the food! I had a bacon rissotto... so creamy and delicious. The servings are not huge, but you don't need much when food has so much richness, taste and flavour. I also had the creme brulé which was PERFECT!!! As for the bill, don't expect to have a cheap lunch when the food is soo tasty and fresh.
The service was a bit cold at first, but then lightened up as he saw we were a bunch of girls just joking around and having a great time.I didn't have the chance to order the charcuterie or cheese platter, but I will be back for more!As for the decore, well, I love the masculine touch on such sleek lines. It's almost a new age log cabin. Love the antlers! Also love the fact that you can see the chefs cooking away!

People should really drop these "No children allowed" comments. IT'S A WINE BAR, that just happens to serve excellent food.

2010 Aug 8
Dined at Taylor's yesterday and it was excellent. Charcuterie, with its beet chutney and onion relish accompaniments were well-presented and very flavourful. Halibut, steak and summer tart all impressed. Service was good, with helpful suggestions for wine matches. Would definitely return.

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2010 Nov 16
Went there on Thursday and food was good!
But the 4 item charcutrerie plate was $25 for 4 items and I found that a bit much.

-the bread slices were all too crisp and it would have been nice to have some softer bread too.
the bread was fresh though.

I has one Canadian cheese (forget the name),smoked trout ,sable fish smoked,prosciutto.
My only small peeve was the waiter made a very big deal of how prosciutto was me that is very annoying.

Guest had the tofu curry dish, that was good-but was $22 for that and would have looked nicer if there was a small side like a few fresh veggies to add more interest to the dish (or maybe some fresh bread to mop up the curry sauce?).

The only desserts I was told there was that day was Strawberry sorbet,raspberry sorbet,blueberry sorbet and those were $10 at this time.

Did not really want sorbet for dessert,so got ice cream at another store down the street that also has homemade ice creams.

It was also the birthday of one of the people there and the staff did nothing for that at all-not even a free tiny scoop of ice cream.
-did not expect anything big,but a little disappointed by that.

Maybe I will go back for brunch sometime, but not too sure as there is another place on Bank st I want to try.

2010 Jul 8
It's simple: babies don't belong in fine dining establishments. Thankfully this will help keep these three annoying bourgeois ladies out, too. Take your infant child to a wading pool.


2011 Oct 1
Sold on the “Genuine" burger served here (had it the last 2 visits!) – the combination of beef, Grey Owl cheese, bacon and house-made ketchup is fantastic.

It is served with roasted fingerling potatoes and a salad. For $16 this is a great well rounded, filling lunch.