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Hamburgers at Hintonburger
Hamburgers at Hintonburger
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Bacon Cheeseburger at Hintonburger
Fries at Hintonburger
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2011 Feb 2
where on wellington is this place?

2011 Jan 14
Back to Hintonburger this week after half a dozen visits when they first opened and then a hiatus over the fall. Place is quite cold in the winter but we snagged seating by the heater so no problem there.

Others are mentioning inconsistency so perhaps I experienced this for the first time. Burgers and onion rings when they first opened were simply *AMAZING* but this week I'd have to downgrade their burger to "Quite Good" but not the great burger I was having before, and not good enough to keep me jonesing for an encore.

To be more specific, this time around the beef patty seemed drier (a tad overcooked perhaps?) whereas before these burgers were mouthwateringly juicy. As well the batter for the onion rings seem to have changed, previously they were wonderfully crisp and had a nice crumb-y consistency (kind of like The Works coating but the rings here were much better.) The ones on this past visit were coated in a hard, thick batter that was a bit chewy and slightly overfried. Had the fries for the first time and enjoyed these far better, if the onion rings I had are the new default then I will keep to fries from now on.

Which is to say that I'll definitely go back but it may be a while, perhaps I'll take a break til spring? When they first opened I thought they were doing something very right and at an excellent price. I can only imagine how hard it must be to keep this zen going and it now seems that they are delivering just "very good" burgers and OK sides. Which is still worthwhile... but realistically not the stuff that foodies dreams are made of!

2011 Jan 14
I've been a half dozen times. I've tried the burgers and poutine, while my associates have also had the corn dog (well-received). I quite enjoyed the poutine, fries were cooked well, gravy was tasty, just the right amount of saltiness and HOT, which allowed the real curds to melt. (I've had an ugly number of barely-warm poutines of late, from a variety of vendors).

My burgers have always been delish, if messy and with a quickly-deteriorating bun. (this could be avoided by requesting less toppings, but that's not happening!) Once however, my bacon was quite burnt. I've witnessed my associates grumble over both burned beef/bacon and undercooked beef. It would seem that consistency is an issue.

I'll keep going back though since we seem to have caught them on off nights based on all other comments. I just hope next time, my entire party will leave satisfied!

2011 Jan 13
I tried the Veggie burger and fries recently. I quite liked it and my experience was different from others. Perhaps Hippyfunkyfun's burger was overdone. Mine had enough crust but wasn't dry. They have started "sandwich" fry combos to save consumers a little money and have introduced chili and soups.

I will agree, it does get cold in that little place but the staff's warm nature perks things up.

2011 Jan 1
Simply the best!

2010 Dec 17
Burger of the month for December is the Fat Boy (cheeseburger with chili). The Fat Boy is a staple at Winnipeg burger shacks and I must say Hintonburger's Fat Boy did not disappoint. Enjoy!

2010 Dec 15
This is the best burger experience in Ottawa! (previous top list was Dicks and Vera's). It was cold in the shack, but got takeout. Hintonburger, 6 ounce with bacon and cheese and all the fixings. Value fries to go with it. The burger was awesome awesome awesome! The fries are home made and tasty. I believe they had a bit of seasoning salt on them, plus I added malt vinegar. Any hopes of me driving while eating were quickly vanished. The car was a better place to eat this, as it was warmer than the shack. I only wish they were open late - maybe its a good thing for my waistline that they are not.

2010 Nov 5
Read an article in the Metro this week about the burgers here being made from O'Briens beef so I had to try them out. I went with their Hintonburger that comes with cheese bacon and their signature BBQ sauce. A steady stream of customers made the inside of the restaurant pretty cold. I guess this is a take out place in the winter months because the one base board heater I saw will make for a frosty dinner as we experienced. My wife's fries were crispy but did have a touch too much salt. I liked the way the curds in my poutine were mixed all the way to the bottom. The burger was tasty at 6oz but a double 4oz could be a new menu item or even a double 6oz would be a good edition.

2010 Oct 22
i finally got a chance to try the new veggie burger here. finally, after months of waiting for them to unveil their carefully crafted, well thought out veggie burger and i am sad to say it was disappointing. other posters are right, it is a falafel burger. a giant falafel patty, squashed down into the shape of a burger and deep fried. it was dry, very dry and hard and crunchy and all the hummus and turnip toppings couldn't break through the tough exterior to soften the patty.

i guess i expected more after all their hype of them working on a veggie burger and not going to do it until they can get it up to their standards, etc. it is so easy to create a flavourful, moist veggie patty without having to resort to deep frying too.

two positives:
the fries were less salty than before which was great. my husband had the beau's burger and really liked it.

2010 Sep 21
The folks at Hintonburger are listening! Veggie burger demanded - they delivered! It's a falafel style burger with Lebanese toppings to boot, pickled turnip, hummus, etc. They also use real cheese, big honkin' slices. The burger is cooked to medium, so slightly pink in the middle and extremely delicious & seasoned with steak spice. I had the poutine here as well, and it might be one of the best in Ottawa. The fries were crispier than before, and reasonably seasoned, so things are definitely improving. I'd say they are on par with some of the best burgs & fries in town, keep on keepin' on! Hintonburger is a great addition to this neighbourhood.

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2010 Jul 5
Diagram of my burger. The bacon was great. Fresh toppings. It's not a gourmet burger, but simple and tasty.

2010 Jul 5
The "Hintonburger"

'6oz bacon cheeseburger with signature bbq sauce'

I found the patty was greasy, but really good. A nice 'meaty' taste to the patty. Not too thick, not too thin.


2014 May 20
I had my first Hintonburger experience today. I ordered the Armstrong with cheese. It is the 4oz patty. I asked for all the dressings which was tomato, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, mayo, ketchup and mustard. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The patty was juicy and nicely grilled on the outside. The bun was the right size: not too thick, not too thin. Yes, one of the best burgers in town!

The fries were ok. I am not sure about the outside texture. It seems coated with something although I can't tell what. I prefer the Five Guys fries.

I will definitely be back for the burger. I can't believe it took me this long to have one!!!

2013 Sep 19
I've started second guessing my love of Hintonburger, since the last 2 times I've been, the burgers haven't been must-eat-this-immediately, don't-care-if-I-look-like-cookie-monster delicious. They were decently-good, but the fries were definitely mediocre.

Captain Caper's post makes me want to go a few more times to confirm/deny my suspicions, but I've definitely caught myself wanting to venture to Beech St Burger instead, after my first delightful visit.

I guess this is a post that is: to be continued...

2013 Sep 16
THE Hintonburger is still king (in my hood).

(I sometimes think the bun should be up-graded from the foamy one they use .... but when I'm woofing the burger down, that thought quickly disappears.)

Onion rings are the classic chip wagon style.

Nice to mix sriracha hot sauce with ketchup to dip the rings in.

2011 Sep 10
Visited for the second time today and, contrary to my first time, had the scorched, overcooked experience that others have mentioned. :-(

This burger was just plain bad. Some parts were so blackened that the bitterness made me wince and make spitting noises. Unbelievable, considering how amazingly good the other one I had there was! It was my wife's first visit and she was not at all impressed. (quote: "A Big Mac is better than this -- at least it's consistent and the flavours are balanced." -- they had also put way more mustard than ketchup in hers.)

Until they figure out their quality control problems I have no reason to return.

This time the salt wasn't in a parmesan shaker, so there's evidence that they do make improvements! :-)

2011 Aug 3
Oh My!! I finally tried one of these and I really think it might be the best burger in Ottawa. Loaded with bacon and a nicely seasoned medium-cooked patty, this is a masterpiece.

Lots of toppings to choose from -- including pickled turnips. Major win there! See the pretty pink pickle peeking from my under my patty? As any shawarma aficionado will tell you, pickled turnips go very well with seasoned beef.

I think the best way to describe it is using what I consider to be the second and third best burgers in town right now. It is like a cross between Vera's Burger Shack's backyard style burger with Baja Burger Shack's wonderfully seasoned and tender patty.



2010 Oct 18
Hintonburger's veggie burger is a falafel burger. light on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Bun leaves something to be desired, but the burger is worth it.

Pretty smoky in there at lunch so I still smell like burgers. Good thing I don't need to sit close to anyone at work :)


2012 Aug 1
I have been to Hintonburger many times (my daughter favorite) she loves the corn dogs and I'd agree with her, they are delish. The burgers not so much. What does set this burger joint apart is the staff, they are incredibly friendly.

2011 Mar 3
Went again yesterday and if you are into corndogs, Hintonburger's is the best. Hand dipped and fried to order, so it's a much different experience than a frozen pogo. Did not enjoy my burger as much as usual though, as it was overcooked and on the dry side for my taste, although the flavor was still good. Off day maybe.


Fries -1



2014 May 20
The fries are good but not great. They seem to be slightly coated (see the bubbling on each?). Perhaps it is just how they fried? I prefer the Five Guys fries where they are soggier and more chewy in the middle.

2010 Jul 5
A 'value' size of the fresh cut fries. I've sprayed with vinegar (no cider or malt unfortunately) and sprinkled seasoning on them. Ketchup on the side for dippin'.

Slightly soft, slightly crisp. Skins on.