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Club Sandwich at Cock'n Bull
Foods from Cock'n Bull

2012 Nov 17
Went there last Sunday for my husband's birthday. Greeted nicely and promptly seated. Started with the usual - eggs benedict, sausage, pancakes, waffles & french toast. No bernaise sauce on the eggs, shrivelled sausage, tiny dollar pancakes & waffles - brown bread french toast - by the time you get to your seat - all the food was already cold - coffee not the greatest either (went to Starbucks after - say no more). The ham was good and so was the roast beef. The dessert table looked like it was defrosted M&M sweets. The only good thing about this were the waitresses, they were nice and very attentive.
Final verdict - will not go there again for the brunch.

2010 May 18
Quick and friendly service!

Appetizers: The Leek, Potato and Garlic Soup was devine. Only "bad" thing would have been the "skin", but I didn't really mind. Wonderful flavour, will definately try again. Hubby had Zuchini sticks which he also loved.

Main Course: Chicken Pot Pie, with "chunky" mashed potatoes and veggies. I am not a fan of chunky mashed potatoes, but it certainly wasn't bad. The Pot Pie however, was salty, overly salty. A way to get more drinks in?

Hubby had the Pig N Bull Burger, which he stated as overly peppery. Tasted one of his fries, and those were also very salty.

Will go again to be sure, but not ordering the Pot Pie again. Hamburger Steak and Ribs are definately contestants for the next time!

2008 Jun 10
I seldom go to any pub type restaurant to eat. Most of the time I go to a pub is because of group lunch (e.g., farewell lunch, Friday lunch, team-building type lunch).

Canadian like beers and hence like to go to a pub to enjoy beer for social time after work (Is this a culture brought by British?)

Anyway, I was here for a group lunch on a Monday two weeks ago and I think we are the only group in the restaurant.

When I arrived and sat down, the first thing I said to my colleagues was Sticky table. When I touched the table, the table was sticky. Hmmm. This must be due to all the deep-frying in the kitchen. My 15-year old range hood was like that.

The food here was typical pub type food. Sandwich, salad, french fries, wrap, etc. Nothing special (you can get the same from Harvey). The price was alright. Around $10 per dish if you just order sandwich.

We got one server to serve a group of 20 people. So, it is a bit back-up and I don't expect too much when it comes to pub food.


2008 Jun 10
This was the club sandwich I ordered. Good portion! Both the french fries (good golden color) and the sandwich were cold when arrived on the table. I didn't enjoy it at all.